Swimming In Freedom

This is Angry Tablecloth, and I can’t read minds, but I can see into hearts.

Ever feel like you have been placed on the seat of a dunk tank facing a mob wanting you to drown? Ever feel like you have been placed in a dunk tank in a desolate location, faced with an ever increasing urge to smack the bull’s-eye yourself so to end the isolation? I know from personal experience just how tricky it can be to successfully navigate such precarious positions. This is why I am going to share a few words of advice that may not only help others survive, but thrive in life because of such positions.

Firstly, take off your clothes, and hop into the water. Don’t be shy, now. There will be at least a moment of vulnerability, and the potential for mockery and/or outrage from onlookers is present, making this a step possibly best taken when most heads are turned. Then again, a courageous display of heart may garner a few admirers, or may even sway the entire audience. Then again, you may possess the strength to pull yourself back into that chair time and time again with little fatigue, aided by the occasional kind hearted spectator, making this not such a bad place, after all. Choose whether or not to choose your own adventure. The risks and rewards are as varied as the individuals taking them.

Now it’s time to take a deep breath, swim to the bottom of the tank, and open the trapdoor below. A person with good vision can see the door from the seat. This door may open via a password, possibly a mantra residing within, or through physical efforts, or a shift in perspective to see how and why the lock functions. Drowning at this stage is a possibility, so proceed with care and determination. Swim back to the surface and submerge again if needed. Serendipity may manifest if one of the admirers tosses in some scuba gear. It is also possible to evolve a set of gills, which is a measure that can be taken prior to any of these unfolding events, but this is being approached from the point of view of someone who feels preparation time is highly limited.

On the other side of that trapdoor is an ocean of nearly absolute freedom. The common ground humanity treads on can be rather ignorant of this “unverified” ocean, but it is a factual house of awe to those who experience it first hand. Those who are able to pry that trapdoor open in a frantic rush, without focused intent, will often hurry to the surface, and swim towards the first piece of land in sight. Those with gills, and those who notice the abundant oxygen tank supply, can bask in a liberating atmosphere free of an ego unable to last long in this environment.

The old North, West, East, South paths are accompanied by two other prominent directions with innumerable angels in between to explore. (These other directions do exist on land with separate values. A discussion for another time, perhaps.) There are many exotic sights, sounds, and sensations to discover in this realm. The more that is explored, the more your swimming technique will improve, furthering the feeling of freedom. Dive far below to discover indescribably stunning gems. Take a few to share with others or to simply serve as a reminder, if desired.

This is a vast ocean, seemingly endless to many, and so it is possible to become lost. Rising to the surface, and using the stars above as a compass is helpful in this regard. Then again, home might be under the sea. You may be able find who you truly are and want to be by loosing all sense of who you were. Whatever the case may be, watch out for lures and nets intent on using your unusually nutrient rich body for their own purposes. Hard not to view it as a shame that some would rather dine on you than what you have been dining on. Suffocation for selfish preservation reduces the overall air supply.

At some point a want to return to a densely populated area can emerge, whether it is due to a lingering nostalgia, or the urge to help others lose their water wings, among other reasons. Upon returning to shore you may find your land legs have a new strut. You also may be somewhat shocked by the behavior of others.

There are many overcrowded places with people in ankle deep pools, aggressively positioning themselves to strip the ground of the diamonds beneath their feet. Why they do not go a little deeper, or work together when this overly competitive display leaves most wanting, and the land barren, can initially be very perplexing after residing in a place with limitless riches, though it is understandable with some simple observation. Do be careful with any of the gems from the depths you may have in your pockets. What is glorious and inspiring to you can be disturbingly alien to others. Others may inflict harm in an effort to take these riches for themselves, never understanding the real wealth is in the location they reflect. A wrong move can end with you being placed back in the dunk tank. The difference now is that you can take a deep breath, close your eyes, and know that the ocean you left has never left you.

To dictate the ease on which such a path can be traveled is to cast judgement on others, and I am not here to judge you. I will not assert that every rainbow traversed ends with a pot of gold, for the same reason. I do hope that if you do feel trapped, as I have before, that you will try giving into something greater before giving up. The results will likely surprise you as they did me.


Welcome Back

This is Angry Tablecloth – a blast from the eight fold past.

Now I know this isn’t the first time I’ve disappeared for a disconcerting period of time, only to return without a good explanation, claiming I have good reasons for doing so, but baby, we need each other.  You’ve got to trust me.  You know I love you, and I know you love me. It’s not like I was out there cheating on you, running around with slutty blogs I barely know, entertaining other audiences, or nothing. You know I’m faithful. You know you’re my one and only. Wait!  Where are you going?  Fine!  I don’t need you!  Oh, god, what will I do now?  Why does it hurt so much? Writing this internal monologue helps a little, but what next? It’s been a while since I wrote a proper piece, so that is what I’ll do.

Someone willing to risk their health and safety has nothing to lose, but someone whose safety cannot be harmed has everything to gain. I texted that sentence to a friend of mine, without having given it much thought, to see what he thought.  I just thought it sounded cool.  Quickly he replied, “The ladder does not exist.”  At first I wondered, “What do ladders have to do with anything?  Is this a metaphor having to do with climbing?”  Then I realized he meant latter, and that spellcheck is to blame.  Damn you spellcheck!  And damn you Wikipedia!  We forget things right after looking them up, because we can just look them up again, only to forget again!  Our souls are lost in the machine!  You are to blame for the woes of… but I am deviating from the point I wanted to make.

After my friend’s “ladder” comment, I replied with something about how Deepak Chopra claims the latter does indeed exist.  I made this up, pretty much.  I have heard him speak about a level of consciousness where one can do no harm to others, and no harm can be done unto them, but again, I wanted to see what my friend would have to say, knowing how much he admires Mr. Chopra, and everything he has to say.  My friend texted back a single word that read, “Oh.” Oh?  No!  My friend is far too independent in thought to believe something based on nothing more than someone else believing in that something. (Not to break character (although that’s what I’m doing…), but this will put a smile on his face, and so I’m not being as harsh on him as is being conveyed.)

Everything needs to be questioned.  Present day physics may lack a fundamental understanding that will be made apparent in a hundred years from now, but do you know who will prove this to be true?  A physicist.  The same goes for psychology, and everything else in the world.  If you can recognize the value and limitations of a certain field then you can exceed and further the progress of that field.

A Buddhist who believes killings is wrong, and that all living things have a purpose should stop brushing their teeth. Every time you brush your teeth you are killing a countless number of living bacteria. Perhaps the purpose of that microscopic life is to provide purpose to those who work for Colgate, but that does not erase the fact living things are being destroyed.

The first Buddha lived in a time when oxygen was not known about, and so breathing took on a completely different meaning. Now, perhaps Buddha was able to see and understand quantum mechanics, and molecules, and was able to contact aliens while in a supreme state of being, but understood how crazy that all seemed, and that humanity was not ready for this information, and those who were would find a way to this knowledge, and that subtle suggestions may lead the way… I don’t know. I do know that old ideas are given new life by questioning them, and understanding the perspective they come from.

That is all I really needed to say at the moment. I will be back again, soon enough, I promise. Thanks to all of those who follow, comment, and like what I do.

Poor Decisions

Have you ever listened to someone deliberate openly about giving change to a homeless person?  I have, at least a few times.  It happened the other day.  The concern is always about whether or not the money is going to food, or to something else the benefactor does not approve of, like drugs or alcohol.  Right or wrong, I know the money is not going to a hunting trip, to shoot wolves from a helicopter, or an attempt to circumvent public opinion to install an oil pipeline in a pristine forest.

A person in a tailored suit typically garners a respect that a person in rags commonly does not.  How the climb up the ladder, or the slide down happened are rarely taken into account.  For the most part these factors cannot be taken into account, because interrogating others to find out if their station in life is a result of drug dealing, or drug addiction is probably unwise, for obvious reasons, I would think.

Rushing to judgement is unwise.  It is in the unknown that details like the ones written here come forward, and a certainty is found.

Avoiding generalized judgements is an astute move, but while a group of young men with swastika tattoos could be heading to the local soup kitchen, to do volunteer work, you may want to cross to the other side of the street, rather than approach them for directions.

The colour of a person’s tie may not say much about their character, but the gleam in their eye will reveal the truth.

Free Fallin’

Today, I wanted to share a few thoughts on depression and loneliness.  This will be less about providing solutions, and more about offering understanding and compassion, which in turn can help fix what is broken inside of the miserable skulls coping with these afflictions.  Sometimes all that a timid person needs is to know that they are accepted for who they are, enabling them to feel extremely confident and comfortable with that knowledge alone, and depression can work in the same… what is that?  Oh, fine…  This is Angry Tablecloth, and it’s not a big deal to get caught with a finger up your nose; just don’t get caught shoving that finger into your mouth.  That was disgusting.  On with the proceedings.

Have you ever read or listened to the story of someone who overcame extremely tough odds, to become among the most accomplished in what they strived to achieve?  This can be as inspiring as it can be deflating, especially if the moral that follows the story is, “If I was able to do it, then anyone can, and that’s why I do not have patience for those who do not accomplish their goals.”  I doubt there are many out there who would shout, “If I can do it, you can!” to a coma patient, or someone recovering from a brain injury who is trying to learn how to read again.  Depression, I know, can be impairing, to the point where it requires all of the energy one presently has, just to maintain the daily semblance of someone who is not depressed.  It can be difficult for someone in this situation to garner the respect deserved for what they go through.  There are people who discover brilliant things beneath the surface of who they are, allowing them to perform great deeds, but do not look within others, to see their internal reflection is not mirrored based on the situation alone.  This can form a dissidence that may not be realized by either side.

There are people out there who look at those struggling with sadness, and see that the books they read, and the music they listen to, and the movies they watch are rather dark.  “If only they took interest in things that are light, bubbly, and fun for everyone, they wouldn’t be so miserable.”  The thing is, what some might consider joyful can come across as a mere boast of happiness to others.  Someone speaking about how excellent the meal they had for lunch was to a hungry person, can cause the hungry person to never want to hear about food ever again.  It is not as if the hungry person wants others to starve, but hearing about that meal causes their stomach to involuntarily growl in pain.  The relation between happiness and comfort is one that often goes unrecognized, but there is a wealth of knowledge to draw from for those who see in between the bond.

Have you ever told someone about how unhappy you feel, only to have them tell you how miserable that makes them feel?  Doesn’t that make you feel better?  If such a situation arises, you may want to ask that person, “What did you hope to accomplish in saying that?”  This is a question you may want to consider asking yourself, in every situation, until it no longer needs asking, because it is second nature.  It is a question that can open gates of consideration, previously shut.

I had a friend who once told a lonely person, “I don’t know about you, but I like being alone,” and so I told my friend, “Eat shit and die,” and I never spoke to him again, because who am I to get in the way of his dreams?  My friend was only trying to help, because he is a good person, who does not want to see anyone or anything suffer.  It is easy to misconstrue a moment of irritation by someone when the sad and lonely tap on the glass.  The person inside might be bothered, but they are not necessarily mad for being woken up.  The person may simply not understand why others do not just come inside, because the door is open.  Ironically, this can happen while those knocking on the window do not understand why the person indoors does not come out to meet them.

Back when I was in high school, a teacher of mine – with a straight face – told the class, “You will not be friends with everyone you know, once you graduate.  I only know like a hundred people from high school, still.”  What the hell, man?!  I don’t even know if I talked to a hundred people as a teenager!  This is before Facebook and Twitter, when one in a hundred were actually using email, keep in mind, making it even more bloody hilarious.

Loneliness is a mistress who speaks of ambition, drive, hope, desire, and fascinating flaws comprising this reality.  To explore and embrace her truths brings an odd sense of cheer, causing her to fade away, leaving only this sentiment behind.  Speaking for myself, I know that it is possible to move beyond loneliness and despair to a level beyond conventional belief.  I could not feel alone if I wanted to… not for long.  And if I am able to feel that way, then anyone can!

It just became really cold in here.  I think the Ghost of Loneliness is helping me write this.  It’s hard to feel alone when she is around.  Seriously, I’m going to put on a jacket.

Those of us who are despondent, dejected, dispirited have incredible value as we are, and that can help us cheer up, for a moment, or longer.  We can serve as tests for others to show them what extent their current level of patience, compassion, and wisdom are capable of.  We can force those who make broad statements like, “Everything happens for a reason,” or that, “Love is all around us,” to question such realities, and possibly bring forth new found details that can further reaffirm such truths.  I say we, because we are one.  Those who live under a cloud of gloom add purpose and value to my life.

Your every minute Zen may only erupt for a half hour, once a week, but that is more than enough to expand it, until it encompasses every second of the day… though, again, I am just speaking for myself.  I am not here to dictate your reality as if mine is more valid than yours, because it is not.

Through drugs, sex, and rock n’ roll, or through depression, boredom, or loneliness, the same questions can surface.  What does it all mean?  What is the point?  Isn’t there more to life?  And the same incredible conclusion can be reached by all.

I have known depression, loneliness, and boredom.  We know each other well enough to be on a first name basis.  The only ones who once could compare with me in terms of loneliness are stranded on deserted islands.  At one time, the only friends I felt that I had lived in the ear buds connected to my Ipod, and yes, they are good friends of mine, even if we never speak in person.  In the same light, I’ll be around for a long time, and I am happy to be your friend.  I’ve never used Facebook, (okay, so I did for two or three days, to get in touch with a girl, who had a boyfriend, and so I closed that account quick) but I’ll start a page, (eventually) and you can contact me, or you can use the Gravatar thing to message me, if you like.  I barely check my email, because I prefer to spend much of my time as a hermit, but not all of it.  I wouldn’t have started this blog if I didn’t want to reach out to others.

This was Angry Tablecloth, and my shoe size is eleven and-a-half, but I can comfortably fit into a size twelve vagina.  (Much better.)  We will cover this sort of nonsense at a later date, concerning how the mental can transform the physical in unbelievable ways, and how no one has anything to feel insecure about.

High Flyin’

This is Angry Tablecloth, and I like weird things, including Don Hertzfeldt, cuddle fish, and hallucinogenic experiences.

The topic for today is drugs!  Not one certain drug, or a specific category of drugs, because they are all the same.  I am not going to (intentionally) glorify or demonize drug use of any kind, unless my window pane business hits a serious slump, but I do have some thoughts to share, which are almost nearly almost half as good as almost as good as actual facts.  (About 5/14, if you’re keeping score.)

Some drugs radiate golf track focus run productions heavily soaked in fruit water slides.  Watch for wrangling elevator lovers drop-kicking the moon into open casket gravy bulbs.  I even have some coherent thoughts to share.

Just say, “No,” to drugs, boys and girls!  If that is not going to happen then go organic!  Nobody needs a bunch of harmful chemicals in their drugs!

“It’s natural!  It’s a plant!”  That is why I eat every strange berry I come across when trekking through a forest.

Believe it or not, there can be consequences to frequently using certain drugs.

Mind altering substances can help a creative soul accent a room with a new flare of colour, though covering the house in LSD wallpaper print is not mandatory by any means, although observing the work of some creative minds that do indulge can have tremendous benefits.  They do not even need to be creative.  I suggest going to a dark, secluded alleyway at four in the morning, and shinning a flashlight on the enchantment taking place within.  Do not fear, they have had contact with the outside world for many decades.  Mind your manners, respect their customs, and you will do just fine.  It is polite to accept if they offer you some drugs, and it is the only way to be fully accepted into their tribe, but it is not a major faux pas to decline.  Their ways may seem rather crude, and alien to us actual human beings, but their native tongue is extremely complex, to an extent that most rational men and women are unable to comprehend.  To us, many of their conversations sound like little more than nonsensical babbling.

There are things that can only be found in foggy environments.  Once the mist clears, so do most to all of the things found within it.  What remains are impressions splashed on the mind, body, and/or soul, which can easily turn into scars if not careful, or eye-catching tattoos, depending on various factors.  As many of us grow, we decide to seek things that do not fade so easily, and can be seen from a distance.  As I have said in the past, “Spend at least less than half of your time dedicated to the fleeting rewards in impulsive desires,” if the pursuit of lasting structures is important to any extent.  This is not to assert that a trip inside a haze is useless, or unnecessary at any stage in life.  A foggy climate can be generated by other means such as contemplating Zen koans, or mathematical quandaries, which can have unique rewards, and also consequences if not approached with the proper state of mind.  Sometimes the mistakes endured by some reward us all.

Good and evil are subjective constructs becoming the absolutes they have always been.  This is so for a reality of countless souls progressing through countless lifetimes, towards an enlightened state of oneness.  That has nothing to do with anything written here, but I bet I just blew the mind of one person out there who is really high right now.  (Ultimately, there is only action and reaction, which again, probably just blew the mind of someone really high.)

In relation to self actualization, and all that good stuff, there are drugs that can be of temporary assistance.  Eating a bunch of magic mushrooms may enable someone to ingest a sublime wisdom flowing from within the Earth, that few people can interpret, and some cannot even handle, perhaps, but the short term benefits can hinder long term gains, especially in relation to desire management.  It’s not easy to remain in the present if the next hit is constantly on the brain.  Certain drugs may form a bridge, allowing one to touch Zen using a shortcut, but a tenuous bridge traveled many times will likely result in a fall at some point, and what was once a path to be walked is now a wall to be climbed, which can be especially strenuous, depending on whether the bottom was struck, and how hard.  How something is attained can dictate how it is maintained, and the maintenance required dictates the value of what has been attained.

The last thing I would like to leave you with is the fact that I could cause a person or two to flip out, if I could share what I soberly experience when rapt in the heights of appreciation.  Seriously, no drugs required.  I would happily give you a sip if I could bottle it up.  Perhaps a synthesized version could be manufactured at a pharmaceutical lab.  Ideally, it would be highly addictive, so that maintaining this state would become everyone’s top priority, making this a better place for us all.  Now that is a world I want to contribute to the building of.  Sad thing is, as profitable as this could be, it can be achieved by you, for free without any harmful side effects.

Free Flyin’

Wake the kiddies if they’re napping, and gather ’round, because uncle Angry Tablecloth is back with a new post!

Know who you are and you will know where you are going, unless you are going somewhere unknown to discover who you are, which will remain unknown until it is otherwise.  Reach your full potential by maintaining optimal levels.  Peak conditions arise on mountain peaks.  There lives a goat on the peak who will whisper the secrets of the universe into your ear, completing your journey.  When you have achieved self actualization, you can kick back and relax, or go for a swim, or try hang gliding.  Relish in the miracle of this life as you see fit, as long as it fits into one of those three categories.  Do not try mixing the categories, and whatever you do, do not speak of the fourth option, ever!  Respect the laws of the quadruple quadrant, and have fun.

It is important to have fun sometimes.  It is important not to have fun sometimes.  Sometimes the unimportant becomes important, because it is important that it does so, which makes nothing unimportant except when it is.  What is important is that you do not tamper with the fourth option!  It can disrupt weather patterns, and planetary alignments.

It is important to learn about science and religion, so you can know which side you are on.  Evolution is not God’s way, because a man at one time once said it was not.  Most arguments are about whether Jesus was resurrected wearing a Jets jersey, or a Bills cap, in which the outcome is determined by an arm wrestling contest to the death.  God v. Science is a heavyweight match-up for the ages!  The middleweight co-main event will feature Philosophy against Psychology.

It is important to relax when it is not unimportant.  I try to relax when I am not unable to do so, because it is hard to do things that cannot be done.  It’s all gravity.  The second of the quadruple quadrants is divided by the strong force, the weak force, electromagnetism, and gravity.  Mess around with electronic magnets all that you want, but do not screw with gravity.  Gravity is a law to be obeyed.

Cloning another’s creation is not inherently wrong, but do give it some different clothes, or a new vase.  If there is no shame in the act, you may want to ask the originator for fashion tips, and propose a consulting fee.  Adding a unique flower could be the only touch needed, but a brand new shape and design will draw more attention, for better or worse.  It is important to solidly define your creation whether it takes the form of a gas, liquid, solid, or plasma.  An object should be clearly represented even if vagueness is the main characteristic.  And do not screw with Bose-Einstein condensates, or the abomination of the quadruple quadrant formation as they are often referred to.

A fairy appeared before me, and said, “Do not write what you think about.  Think about what you write,” to which I replied, “You’re gay looking.”

Aim to please what you shoot to kill.

Do not imagine anything beyond the three primary colours that comprise the final quadrant.  Even an attempt to imagine the fourth colour can allow it to expand, and take over everything.

Limit your borders, and fly freely, my friends.  Until next time.

Fun For Anyone, Excluding Almost Everyone

This is Angry Tablecloth, and I defy conventional Catholic sentiment, just like Pope Francis.

One of my main goals throughout the course of this blog is to support the values of love and forgiveness.  I want to bring us all together under one nonjudgmental umbrella of goodwill… unless you water your lawn during talks of water shortages.  Everyone knows you are doing it, because you are the only one with a lush, green yard!  It makes you look as good as someone who wears endangered animal furs, who are also people I cannot stand, especially if the fact there are only five pieces of their fashionable material left living in the wild adds to the appeal.  Aside from anyone who fits in either of those two categories, along with anyone who owns a solid gold toilet… if you do own gold a toilet, I recommend sticking your head in it, and reflecting on that fact for a while.  Alright, so aside from a pretty limited number of people, I want to be as inclusive as I can… not including atheists, agnostics, the religiously devout, people who whistle while walking down the street, people who cannot laugh at themselves, people who drive twenty miles over the speed limit, people who drive exactly the speed limit, people who talk to themselves when someone else is in the same room, and… that is all I can think of, for the moment.  Well, it would seem I have made it impossible to take a step on the beach without crossing a line in the sand.  This is not exactly the start I was going for.

Now that absolutely no one is reading this, I would like to take a moment to earnestly thank everyone out there who is endorsing peace, love, tolerance, forgiveness, the potential of the pineal gland, varying densities, and anything else along those lines.  I know that for some, trying to promote the power of such concepts can leave one feeling as hopeful as a Bible salesman at an atheist convention, but there is solace when numbers come second to the value of the good book.

Cain can be punished for the murder of Abel, but that does not rectify the irreversible damage that has been done.  Only through love, acceptance, and forgiveness can balance be restored in such a situation, at least in one’s lifetime, unless you know of a good necromancer.  Punishing one for a crime inflicts further damage, but is done to prevent even greater damage, when it is in the name of justice and balance, which is exactly why we lock up nonviolent pot smokers where I am from.

Humanity can use all of the love, acceptance, and forgiveness it has to offer, when considering the present imbalances humankind is dealing with.  It’s funny (in a way) how someone can learn of a catastrophe taking place on the other side of the globe, and think, “Shit happens,” or, “It’s all a part of a greater plan,” and yet the proverbial shit hits the fan should that same person be told something mildly off putting on a personal level, as if the plan does not involve insults involving how that person’s butt looks in a certain pair of jeans.  It’s funny how some of us would rather not speak about the condition of the world, until it is in a condition that renders us speechless.  Hey, to me it is funny, in a way, but that is partly because I feel as if I contribute something positive to myself, and others by laughing, loving, learning, and by humbly passing on a few messages that have helped me, to others.  I do this so that a hundred years from now people are not wondering why it is called a fishing pole, when “cockroach wrangler” makes more sense, as they hungrily try coaxing one out into the open.

Love and laughter are essential to enjoying this life.  Oh, which reminds me – Angry Tablecloth’s alien abduction combat tip #35: Using telepathic images of a bomb exploding, or the craft crashing in a spirit of anger can help, but using humour can have an even greater effect.  It’s not necessarily easy to do when terrified and confused, which is why anger is often more pragmatic.  Just imagine farting on an alien’s face, and tossing him off to the moon in a cartoonish manner, or anything else that would make you laugh, you know, if they’re not playing nice.  Remember, it’s not racist to claim all Greys look alike, but it is offensive to claim they all think and feel alike.  “Is this a metaphor for something?  This is a joke, right?”  “Quiet!  Unless you’re looking for a dinner date with men in black suits.  Only hushed tones in this newly established drone zone.”  Of course this is a joke, probably.

I can find joy in a world where many manipulating forces would prefer I do not, unless it is for a profit they are invested in, but turning a blind eye does not end with me facing happiness.  Of course there are societal influences relentlessly promoting insecurity, doubt, anger, and sadness.  If not, many of us would not feel compelled to buy a new phone every six months, or a new pair of shoes should a speck of dirt touch the sole of one, through the division compelling us to do so.  If that is what you want, because that is your style – that’s fine… everything’s fine.  There’s nothing wrong with the world, which means there is nothing wrong in wanting to change it.

Plant a tree, recycle a bottle, or doubt global warming.  To believe in or doubt global warming is a bit silly, considering it is not the tooth fairy.  I do not need to believe or doubt to know I prefer my air as toxin-free as possible, but this blog is not here to badger others about inconvenient truths, and so I’ll drop it.

Fact is, the amount of actual vitriol I may feel for those who drive the speed limit can only be conquered through other means. Even if I did actually hate someone engaging in such activities, only through love can I eliminate that which I instinctively hate.

Lastly, I would like to wish everyone a happy new year.  May you prove to the eyes in the sky that you can fly, because you have earned your wings, if that is what you desire.  If you wish to revel with devils with limited lifespans, then do not let me dissuade you.  (Limited, because love is eventual, or inexorable, depending on the outlook.)  May you find what you need, and want in whatever reality you wish to explore.

P.S.  I did not mean to offend anyone that may have an opposing view to mine, or enjoys watering their yard.  I like making a few jokes now and then, and so certain comments are purely based on what I find funny.  Besides, my mom waters the backyard from time to time during the summer, and I promise you that has nothing to do with why I despise that woman.  And to reiterate my attitude, I am not here to judge, even if you own a gold toilet, but if you do, and I am at your place, and I start to get a bit nauseous due to that fact, then I hope you do not mind if I throw up in it.  Fun, fun, for everyone.