Light Bulbs

This is Angry Tablecloth, back at last!  Pardon the absence.  I went on a pilgrimage to the moon.  I highly recommend it to anyone in need of a little spiritual calibration.  It was a worthwhile trip, oh, but how I have missed you!  How are things?  You look well.  New haircut?  Been working out?  Whatever you are doing, keep it up!  Alright, so I cannot actually see you.  Kiss my ass if you think I’m trying to kiss yours!  I don’t care what you think about whether I care about what you think about me!  Right, now that the pleasantries are out of the way, it’s time to get down to business.

The path to complete self awareness is not without some potentially unexpected turns.  An ambivalent state of limbo can manifest if the pursuit is halfhearted – a disconnection between deed and mentality, as a tug of war within the heart unfolds.  A tumultuous transition period can constrict one’s perception, in the attempt to expand the mind, and further awaken the senses.  Let’s explore this with a simple analogy, shall we?

Say you enjoy looking at risqué postcards of half naked women from the 1930’s.  As pleasurable as this pastime is, you start dating someone in the search for what you consider to be deeper meaning, and eventually you become their one and only as they are yours.  Then an inkling to entertain yourself with the images of lovely, sunbathing ladies in one piece swimsuits arises.  You indulge this urge, but there is no stimulation, as before.  You stare at the pictures with such intensity, it is as if you are trying to use x-ray vision, as if skeletons are now a turn on, but the thrill is fretfully gone.  You wanted a new direction while continuing down the same path, and now you are a victim of fairness and reason.  Instead of letting go of what was which would amplify the pleasure of what is, you continue trying to revitalize feelings from the past, to the detriment of now.  One day this indecisiveness causes your beloved to break what is now a precarious bond, to your dismay, and worse yet, the pleasures of past still do not return, manufacturing confusion and grief from what could have been a contrary state.  Or maybe your partner does not care if you look at another person’s ass, as long as you are not trying to break eye contact, while they tell you their mother just died.  Or maybe you discover enlightenment at a 70’s style key party.  I’m not here to judge.  There are too many grand scale issues to concentrate on, for me to take issue with every person’s personal tastes and preferences.  This is just one scenario.  But cheer up, little bee, if my example is your truth.  You are never alone, if you can see how.  The wonders of everything and everyone are inside of you, expanding to everywhere, waiting to be unlocked, and can be done so even through contrasting states.

Growing up does not mean you can’t have fun playing games, but there is a more substantial gratification to be found if you are capable of putting the toys down, and never looking back if need be.  But there are other issues that can make a waking mind desire the comfort of sleep.

Sure, there are charlatans reading the palms of soccer moms for a fast buck, and see-it-alls with crystal balls whose desire to cash in is as transparent as the cheap glass they peer into, but what if someone were disclosing their knowledge to others, (spiritual, political, social, or otherwise) because they do not want to be the only light bulb in the firing range?  The king cannot execute you for knowing how to read if the entire town is literate.

What if the boogeyman only comes out the closet, because the noise of you stirring causes it to?  But how can one defend or escape if not awake?  What if there is no escape, and being asleep at least ensures a peaceful end?  I choose to have my head high, on alert for wolves, instead of down in the feedbag where my vision is limited, but I am not here to dictate what is right for others.  I know enough about myself to handle “knowing too much” about the world, if that ever happens to be the case.

If you are among a bunch of lemmings racing towards a cliff, it might be best to stand alone and speak up.  If you are among an angry mob carrying torches, it might be better not to say, “Frankenstein is just misunderstood,” unless you are prepared for a pitchfork to the eye.  The prongs of a pitchfork flung towards the eye of Buddha transform into lotus pedals, before reaching the cornea.

“What gives you the right to tear down these walls, I spent the time and energy to build?”  “The same thing that gave you the right to build them around me.”  We focus on the barriers the spirits of the past have torn down, in the name of prosperity, like Gandhi or MLK, but those past ghosts are reincarnated in the present, and they need equal, if not more support and attention.  I believe many of us belittle, and reduce the greatness within rising stars when opportune, because we fear being overshadowed by another in front of the spotlight, not understanding that our support allows us to shine brighter from within.  (From the start of this blog I’ve been trying to promote the magnificence in all of us.)

There are ways to overcome and combat fear, greed, and ignorance, but to do so is to contest those who profit from it.  To promote the potential greatness and intelligence within the “average person” is to destroy the work of Edward Bernays, and those who still utilize his tactics.  But there are no monsters coming for those who sit in silence, in an attempt to expand the mind, and nothing more, and those at the peak of conscious being are not threatened by those trying to instill fear.  Those who would suppress the answers for personal gain never truly had the answers to begin with.  They might have the book, but they cannot interpret the messages properly.  I cannot share every letter of my alphabet, but there are codes in the world for those who can read between the lines, and fill in the blanks.  The answers await those who already possess them.

And that concludes this post.  It is good to be back, that’s for sure.  Do not fear, for your friendly neighborhood tablecloth is not going anywhere for a very long time.  I’ll keep splashing cold water on sleeping faces, until  I no longer have the strength to hold a bucket.


For Surface Dwellers And High Flyers

I now have more than twenty followers!  That’s ten times as many friends as I have!  I have never been so popular!  I am famous!  Oh no… I’m famous…  I can’t handle the pressure!  What if I write something that offends someone, and they stop reading?!  What if I lose my edge in fear of being offensive?!  Oh man, I’m screwed either way!  Don’t stop following!  Please!  I need the attention every celebrity craves!  Or do stop.  I don’t care.  Is that the attitude you prefer?  Damn it, most crap on TV and the radio is really effective at brainwashing, yet simultaneously pandering to their audiences, so how do I tap into that art form?  I can’t!  I’m lost!  I’m depressed!  Writing my thoughts aloud helps a little, but a little meditation would help even more.  Right!  I had some meditative practices to share… but I will not, because there is really no need.

With meditation studios, and yoga studios, and sensory deprivation tanks, and sweat lodges out there, ready to cash in on those interested in spiritual riches that money cannot buy, along with painting, and writing, and autoerotic asphyxiation – to name just a few of the myriad of methods available for mental expansion – I have no need to add onto the pile.  I have already given what I believe to be the most fundamental qualities essential to reaching enlightenment.  I may expand on them, one day, but not now.  Oh fine, do you really want me to provide you with a path to self actualization?  Do you want an avenue to serve as a conduit for your dedication to finding truth, and inner peace, that has not been offered before?  I got one.  Get at least eight and a half hours of sleep, avoid multitasking, and avoid corn syrup.  Those three steps alone have become a path to enlightenment, requiring all of the discipline one could ever need.  Want a simpler route?  Spend less than half of your time dedicated to fleeting rewards from impulsive desires.  If enlightenment is what a person truly desires then it will be found.

The pursuit of enlightenment is not a foolish one, nor the exploration of the soul, though in this present day they are often reduced to silliness, through the stigmas of the uninitiated, by the abuse of others who praise such concepts with unwarranted levels of assuredness.  Meditation has countless benefits, whether it is used as an attempt to harmonize with the universe, and become one with the collective consciousness of all living things, or as a matter of simply growing up, and mastering common sense, which is not to claim one is opposed to the other, or that one does not incorporate the other… but let’s set semantics aside for the moment.

One fundamental gain to clearing the mind with meditation can be related to in terms of diet.  Eating is essential to healthy living (to living in general, for me, at least) but eating every minute of the day is detrimental.  Varying the diet with alternative methods of thought, and considerations promotes good health, as well.  Junk food tastes great, but thoughts of fast cars, and hair combing techniques need to be balanced with a little exercise, in the form of contemplation, and/or meditation, in order to remain mentally fit.

Other key benefits to mentally exercising the mind can be related to in terms of physical exercise.  Initially lifting a 20lb dumbbell can be a struggle, wherein time it becomes as light as a 10lb one once felt, as the body becomes stronger.  Tiring the body gives the body more vigor in future situations.  In this regard, meditation is an exercise in concentration.  Strengthening one’s focus has a ridiculous number of perks, needless to say, and what was possibly tiring at first becomes energizing with practice.  Also, while a thoughtless state of mind can be a stretch to realize, for more than a few seconds at a time, at the outset, it can enable greater flexibility, just like stretching the body.  This can help in finding innovative solutions to problems, or finding newfound ways to enlighten and entertain, if for no other reason (though there are others) than it enables the aforementioned ability to focus on a subject, for more than a few moments before settling on an opinion or solution.

Strengthening the ability to concentrate can also aid in registering details, like with a shifting sunset.  The sky can appear orange in one moment, and then black in the next, because of a preoccupation with distracting thoughts.  Meditation can allow the magic of life to unfold before your eyes, instead of unfolding before your eyes can register the glorious reality in front of them.  This focus can also apply to registering the shift of a person’s eyebrow, signifying their mood as loudly as it would be if they were to shout out how they felt.  Meditation can make the subtle prominently stand out.  Meditation not only provides the ability to focus on what is important, but to block out what is not.

With a meditative, heightened state of consciousness, you may notice the trees have more texture, and that they have more motion when blowing in the wind, and you may feel as if you can wrap your mind around the trees, as if the space between you and them is encompassed by your consciousness, as you are becoming one with the nature standing before you.  With a heightened state of awareness you may have premonitions of past lives, and future events, and the ability to discern those intuitive experiences from daydreams and hallucinations.  Certainly I have discovered many surreal aspects to this illusion deemed reality, but there is need of a concerted effort to reach those who believe their feet are planted to the ground, through the present facts allowed by what is considered conventional knowledge.  Get someone to meditate with a grounded belief of what is real, for the down-to-earth benefits, and they may one day find themselves floating a foot off the pavement, based on what is possible.

I could keep listing the benefits of meditation, and the pursuit of enlightenment in general, but it will eventually devolve into a grocery list.  It would be as interesting as watching a slide show of someone skydiving, who only took pictures of the blueness above, and provides only cold, hard facts about wind resistance, and the height from which they fell from.  Not to state that they aren’t worth listing, or that it cannot be done in an interesting way, but it’s not for me to do, at this time, at least.  Take the leap for yourself, if you haven’t, and discover firsthand the majesty of it all.

And that is all for Meditation Corner, for now.  Now if you do not mind, I have to write about a conversation I had with a gun toting, car jacking unicorn suffering from vampirism, who has sexual encounters with a wealthy, twenty-seven year old entrepreneur, before finding the one true ring to rule them all, in a far off galaxy.  Hey, I have to increase the fan base, somehow.  The fame train ain’t stoppin’ for nothin’!

Trippin’ On Mars

This is Angry Tablecloth, and I might not be an expert on meditation, but that doesn’t stop me from talking about it.

Bumped into an alien a while ago.  I was sitting in my backyard, minding my own business, when bam!  Little bastard appeared out of nowhere!  Right in front of me.  Couldn’t have been more than four feet tall.  Big, oval, black, expressionless eyes, tiny slit for a mouth, big head, you know the deal.  It was holding a wrench in one hand, with its four fingered grip.  There’s something extra disturbing about an otherworldly being, holding an object from here, like it knew all about us, but I didn’t know a damn thing about it.  For like a minute it just stood there, staring at me.  I didn’t move, afraid it might move if I did.  After the most uncomfortable minute of my life, it held the wrench up over its head, and I thought, “No you don’t!  Stupid alien!  No you don’t!  Don’t even try it!”  Didn’t take a psychic to know what was coming.  Finally, it said, “I’m going to free your mind.”  Didn’t use its mouth to talk.  Simply used its head to talk into mine.  I found myself paralyzed, as he slowly approached, and busted my skull open.  When I came too, I found my brain was missing.  Little bastard ran off with it.  Didn’t know it at the time, but he did me a favour.  Thanks to him, I am free!  I am no longer bound by another person’s coordinates, or reference points!  I am ergonomically independent of human logic!  Not even Mara’s daughters can mold me to their will.  The straight edge contortions of a lovely lady can still bind me, but only if the curves of her heart are shaped to my liking.

Since that day I have felt more alive than ever!  I can feel every atom in every cell of my body buzzing!  My blood is caffeinated!  I can sense countless moments moving in and out of existence in the frame of a second, each and every second of the day!  It’s crazy!  It’s wonderful!  It’s wonderful to be crazy!  From the quantum world, to the world of relativity governing everything else – it doesn’t stop!  Even how life can become so dull, so pedestrian, so lifeless in light of the constant calamity shifting everywhere is amazing, although it does not feel so astounding to someone suffering with boredom.  That is why I am here to shift those in need from a grey spectrum to sparkling rainbow vision.

The fervent activity in the framework of every second is often masked by broader expanses of dullness.  The lattice of monotony over top the splendor of now is tied to the past and future, where there are no vivifying details – just large bodies of moments.  Reminiscing about the past, and speculating about the future has purpose, but it can interfere with the splendor of now, depending on the drift.  To carefully manage your desires is to manage how much time is spent outside of now.  It is hard to appreciate the subtle sounds, and sights of a forest, if you are running around it with a chainsaw.  It is hard to observe and appreciate the spectacular motion of life, if you are spinning around in circles.  What these two metaphors emphasize is the importance of governing thoughts, and taking the time to still the mind on occasion.  There’s no cover fee to get in; all you have to do is kick out the riff-raff to enjoy what is present, and giving them the boot is as simple as asking them to leave.  If it is more work than that, check if you are blocking the exit.

If there is not an alien in your backyard, ready to perform on overly zealous lobotomy, here is one imaginative method that may help.  Think about how we live on a giant boulder spinning around in place, while the moon rotates around it, while they both go around the sun, moving in a solar system moving through a galaxy, that is part of a cluster, all moving at ridiculous speeds.  If you want to get animated with it, picture yourself standing on the Earth, larger than life, your head pushing through the atmosphere, looking out into space, like you are the captain of a ship.  Picture this in your mind, and/or look up at the sky while thinking about this.  Or try imagining a person strolling down a sidewalk, and then picture others traveling to their own destinations around that person, and keep expanding as the sidewalk transforms into a view of neighboring roads, full of moving vehicles, and continue expanding as buildings, or homes come in sight, until a forest beside the city comes into frame.  Simply expand from small to big, picturing the activity abound, using whatever setting you desire.  After trying this, try to remove all thought from the mind, and the value of remaining still might appear differently than it did before.

Have fun with your imagination, and the next time you – God forbid – find yourself without music to listen to, or a movie to watch, or even a dumb book to read, like a goddamned filthy animal, you can utilize the power of your imagination for entertainment.  I watch shows all of the time in my head, and I love it!  Sometimes I even pretend the people in the shows in my head are my friends, and what splendid adventures we have together.  We go to dinner, we swim, we ride horses, and one time we even went skydiving!  Last week we went on a five day, Alaskan cruise.  When they’re not plotting an overthrow, they’re a good bunch.  You should get to know them sometime.

Use your powers of imagination for more than masturbation, or use it in other ways to enhance your masturbatory episodes at a later time, what do I really care?

Sitting down and closing the eyes in meditation has value, but is not the only route.  Quieting your thoughts while taking a walk, or while on the bus, or eating a meal, or while listening to music, can alter the way you experience these things for the better.  Just taking the time to contemplate on questions and answers, like the ones here, can open a gate to a new way of perception.  Physiologically, the way you see and experience the world can change in dramatic ways, but this new outlook can also fade back to a more restrained state, at any given moment, by choice, or if distracting thoughts take over.  If it could not be turned off with the simplicity of a switch, it could become very distracting in itself.  It is also possible to develop an appreciation for ordinary, day-to-day life, if the desire to do so is there.  You can also find that every moment is a new opportunity for discovery.  Is there anything more terrifying or exciting than the act of discovery?  You can also discover the ability to remove that fear so that there is only excitement.

It can take diligence just to remain in a certain state, until a state that cannot not be lost is attained, much like treading water just to remain in the same spot, until the island is finally reached.

I do have other practices and thoughts on meditation to share, since I guess this is about meditation, now, but they will have to wait.  Not even sure I know much about it, really.  Maybe my mind has simply been warped by unseen, reverse alien technology.  Either way, the monotony has been erased, and I’m having fun, as I hope you are.

Biological Calculators

This is Angry Tablecloth, but what good is a tablecloth without some food on it?  Here is some food for thought.

Is the birth of existence rational, or is rationality a product of the universe?  Can the creation of the universe only be rationally viewed as irrational?  Not if one only exists with its polar equivalent.  Can an alignment with the ambiguity in between remove the vague curtain?

Everything this reality entails can make sense, to the point where it seems illogical in how it is able to be understood so clearly.  Everything can be known so clearly, to the point where someone else’s inability to know it all is a mystery, revealing magic in the unaware.

A clear view of the end can illuminate truths about the beginning, and the beginning can unveil facts about the end, and together they can illustrate the brilliant truth of this everlasting moment.

From a linear perspective, there was being before thinking.  The universe is not linear, but our perception of how we travel through it commonly is, and reality is perception.

We are different forms of the same thing, from molecular clouds to stars to planets to people.  The spark of existence is locked inside of everyone and everything, coming from the same source, and cannot be lost or eliminated, and can be tapped into to awaken elevated states of being.  This spark is a treasure that is rarely mined for its full potential.

The universe can be personally understood in terms of shapes, colours, motions, temperature, and other basic forces, that exceed the ability to understand it by the standards of most modern lexicons.  This is a language that can be difficult to acknowledge and accept, since conventional thoughts are compromised of a conceptual combination of words, feelings, and images, that are more complex than the elegant simplicity that birthed them.

Before there were thoughts made of words there was being.  Discover the wonders of a thoughtless state of being.

Words can be used as a force to shape, move, heat, and chill our very being, taking on a life that exceeds their definitions.

Mathematical formulas prove what words cannot, but a person with a gift for numbers does not necessarily comprehend the breadth of those equations, more so than someone illiterate.  The experience is deeper, still, though each form has distinct value and purpose.

If a modern man were placed among a tribe of cavemen brethren, his level of thought and understanding would only be a hindrance; he would drop dead from an extreme panic attack before the first mammoth hunt, due to the lack of a retirement plan.  Being able to walk over the bodies of companions who died from broken ankles, and bad coughs, without a second thought is an asset, in such times.  If prehistoric man was preoccupied with thoughts of existence, it could have been the death of ours.  What is now cruel was once a strength, but what was once a strength is now a liability.  Acting with the strengths of the past in the present, in the name of self preservation threatens the existence of us all.  Be pragmatic, keep a poker face, but understand that understanding is a tool of today, that can circumvent the actions of those trapped in the past.  The majority carry the will of the world, and they want love to reign supreme.  But this is now taking on the form and force of another debate, for a future day, so for now I have one last thing to say.

We must shatter this illusion deemed reality if we are to continue having one.

Growing Upside Down

This is the world famous Angry Tablecloth, back at your service, and today we will learn how to meditate.

Now if you will, please sit on the floor in lotus position.  Relax your muscles.  Release the tension from your body, until you feel like a bowl of green gelatin; if you feel like any other colour, you are doing it wrong.  Now close your eyes, right this instant, and keep them shut as I instruct you further.  Shut them now!  Concentrate on your breathing.  Slowly inhale deep from the diaphragm, exhaling fully each time.  Allow mother Gaia to penetrate your lungs through the air with every breath.  Allow her wisdom to permeate your mind, body, and soul.  Release your negative energy.  Now imagine the majestic dolphin swimming in a deep blue sea.  The dolphin is you.  The sea is the limitless potential of your infinite being.  One day we will communicate with the dolphins.  One day, the dolphins will evolve wings where flippers once protruded, and we will ride them gallantly towards the sun, and to our freedom.

Now levitate exactly one foot, four inches off the ground.  Any lower demonstrates a lack of focus.  Any higher is just showing off.  If you are having trouble figuring out this Goldilocks zone, and have a backyard, then there is one sensible solution that comes to mind.  Wait until the blades of grass grow a foot and a half high, and then sit outside in the yard, naked.  The grass should brush ever so lightly across your ass, as you float around.  Fun fact, the first Buddha used to putter around the Bodhi tree in circles, embracing the bristly sensation of grass brushing underneath his garments, along his backside.  If you are the bashful type, then standing pieces of construction paper (or any other suitable material) at the required height in a room that is more private will suffice, I suppose, although it is not much of a show for the neighbors.

Now that you have mastered your breathing, and possess the ability to float in the air, we can move on to something more advanced.  This next process will allow you to channel beings from the land of the dead.  First you will need a can of bright red paint.  It is vital that it be bright red, because I say so.  Next you will need to gather a minimum of four women from an African village, preferably with little to no contact from the outside world.  Women from a primitive tribe deep in the Amazon will do in a pinch, though results may vary.  Ensure the women are enthusiastic and well hydrated, because this will take a while.  Now paint a circle ten feet in diameter around your living room.  If you do not have a living room, or a living room that is carpeted, break into someone else’s house, and use theirs without permission.  With the circle in place, have the women chant, “Ma-ooh-nah-ooh-rah-mah-nah.”  It is completely meaningless, serving only to create atmosphere, like all spiritual chants.  Now slowly shuffle around the circle for ten consecutive hours.  Within the tenth hour, you should feel your soul drifting into the spirit realm.  You may now notice you are suffering from exhaustion, dehydration, and violent hallucinations.  You might be dizzy with confusion, believing you are only entering the land of the dead, because you are now slowly dying.  Do not be fooled, this is a sign the process is working.  By now you are communicating with the deceased.  The dead have an abundance of insightful knowledge, and wisdom to offer, although they typically just go around scaring the shit out of people.

I do have some other, more practical meditative routines, that I will share in a later post, but for the meantime, let us concentrate on closing the eyes, and clearing the mind of thought, in a more conventional meditation.  Here are some hints to help concentrate.  As a thought starts to form, imagine it being jettisoned upwards.  Whether it is about how you forgot to call your mother, or it is about a spouse being mad at you for being you, visually imagine that narrative nonsense taking off in a stream of sparks.  As it reaches the peak of ascent have it explode in a dazzling array of light and colour.  Do this swiftly for every arising thought, and you could end up watching a florid fireworks display.  In time, with practice, the thoughts will cease, and there will be no need for fireworks, for the thoughts that once needed launching never had the chance to fully form.  If this does not work, considering I have only tried it a couple times, and just made it up, a more basic, possibly more effective thought dissolvent is to gently quiet the thoughts that surface.  Softly hush them like sleepy babies trying to stir.  Do not become frustrated, or aggravated, trying to forcibly silence your thoughts.  Calmly allow them to vanish, as if unaffected by their recurring presence.  Let them stay, but ask them to leave.  I have found that even if they remain in the background, as long as you focus on the forefront, they do disappear.  Just practice, and it’ll become easier.  Even a couple minutes of meditation every once in a while can have an impact.

As great as traditional meditations may be, I cannot sit cross legged, chanting, “Ohm,” for more than a minute, before the circulation below my knees cuts off.  Soon I become more concerned about whether sitting in lotus position is bad for my posture, and the whole idea of being in an empty state of bliss goes to hell.

Whether self actualization is achieved through yoga, sensory deprivation, weird-ass Buddhist chants, a pilgrimage, or autoerotic asphyxiation, there are a handful of qualities that can be of assistance, even more useful than the means they serve to enhance.  The first quality being the desire and resolve of a good heart.

People commonly meditate, because they recognize the suffering of this world, or within themselves, because they have good hearts, and wish to find peace from the turmoil this recognition can breed, and/or the resolve to help.  They do not succumb to apathy, nihilism, or a numbing vice, and so meditation is a part of a solution, whether this is deliberate, or more instinctual.  Sainthood is not mandatory to have the wonders of this reality unfold, but as the marvels creep through, a natural compulsion towards betterment will likely occur.  You can’t curse out your grandma, and then sweet talk a tree out of Mother Nature’s secrets.

Another important habit that can pay dividends is paying attention to the simplest things.  The systemic power of science is in the presumption of nothing, and a fascination with everything, uncovering a future inconceivable to the present.  One man notices the rise of water when he sits in a bathtub, while another man notices an apple falling from a tree, and both men elevate the knowledge of mankind in their “eureka” moments, through straightforward observation.  Our beautifully complex minds almost exclusively focus on more complicated issues, requiring the most complex among us to understand the implications involved in the most basic details.

Have you ever walked down a street, and swiftly looked back to see someone behind you, without any indication someone would be there?  Have you ever turned your head to a specific point in the sky to behold something conspicuous?  Or have you ever thought of something obscure right before someone speaks of it?  A coincidence perhaps, but take account of every time one of these supposed coincidences happens, keep an open mind, and you may open the door to a new world of perception, previously overlooked.  Have you ever sat outside in a contemplative mood, and noticed the… squiggly lines and dots… the debris on the lens of the eye?  You know the black, squiggly lines?  If you shift your eyes upwards really fast, the lines follow a split second later, before settling back down.  Notice how they are about the closest thing to your eye, and yet they appear to be farther than the eyes dictate.  Paying attention to something overlooked since childhood could reveal a new way of seeing.  Or it could be that taking notice to something so stupid is a sign of heightened perception, and that noticing such a small detail is a sort of inaugural observation, showing how no detail escapes your sight, not that this has personally happened, ‘cus that’d be nuts.  You ever notice the moon sometimes looks like it is sitting behind the sky?  Goddamn it.  Observing the present moment fortifies the ability to be present minded, clearly.

There are other qualities that can aid, from silence, to appreciation, to honesty, to courage, which all fall under the umbrella of the two aforementioned traits.  The one quality surrounding all of these habits is balance.  Know when to let go and when to hold on, whether it is a literal action, or a conceptual one.  Without balance these characteristics able to lead to a more heavenly state can become hell.

If you have understood what I have written to this point, you are now in the right frame of mind to meditate.  If you still do not have the optimal mind state, meditate until you do.  But before you float off into space, there are just a couple more words on the matter to share.

It is not meditation in essence that allows a person to develop a higher self-awareness, but the whole hearted desire that enables it to happen.  It is not as if an anthropomorphic plume of smoke, named, Meditation, will materialize, and grant this power.  A person who practices meditation to appear spiritual acquires nothing, but the superficial appearance of an awakened being, which is transparent to those of real substance.  The approach to the most important questions in life is as important as the answers themselves.  Develop the commitment, desire, and focus needed, and the rest will follow.

Enlightenment is a concept synonymous with growing up, and behaving accordingly.  I pick up the shit when walk the dog, now, and I do not even mind.  Each and every day I am becoming less and less of an easily agitated asshole, making the world a better place in my own little way.

Stay tuned.  There are  many why’s and how’s on this subject to cover, plus a couple of where’s and when’s, for the only who that matters – you, my dear.  Until next time.