When It Snows

When your circle of friends stops on the spot

When a bottle of Scotch is watered down to a shot

When  hopscotch is a hot cross bun for one

When your crossed cus a hothead left you stunned

When a shot with a sex-bot is slim to none

When a win goes out the window while winter blows

Shiver and complain, but let a small flame grow

Make a torch, map a course, leave the porch

Take a horse if you got the cheddar

Set your bets on better weather

Readjust with the ventures

Surrender to a center that can enter inner sectors

Surrounding spaces

Grinding cages

Grounding cases about places that reside in the sky

Glide to the point where you think you can fly

Where it rains it’ll snow if a drought don’t happen

Tend to the brush fires on a field of passion

Where there’s pain there’s growth in the drive to persist

Sure of that as the fact that aliens exist



May all stars smashing to the ground to erupt a crashing sound

Be bound to what they earned as they learn

What is learned was always known by a clown

Around the moment compounds got down

With a singular sound signifying a prying existence

Amplifying a dying presence implanted to implement a flying present

Hiding the essence of tidings presented

By contrarians contracted to contradict current conflicts

Sick serpents spit bullshit eaten by worms

Digested and dispensed in shape of germs

That squirm on contact, but soon learn that a Cadillac

Can’t bring back a day when saddlebacks were the fast track