Candy Heart

I built my inner child a rocket so it could blast off to a pocket

Where it can frolic in fields with packets of hot chocolate

Kick it where the crickets only serenade and serve as barricades

So the habits of bunny rabbits can’t be heard from far away

Take a sip of the stuff cupid dips his arrows in

And grow a stupid grin

Get goofy, gooey, and dreamy

All romantic and steamy

Even if you’re by yourself!

Even if it is creepy!

Especially if it’s creepy!

Hope my love for fine art can help me find a counterpart

A sweetheart with street smarts who completes what she starts

Cus she seeks what sparks, and observes what’s frozen

Chooses to speak open while chewing on a toothpick in front of a fire

She’ll never leave me alone, even when not beside her

My inner child is a good-natured fool

A master of flight school

But for years the fear of stairs made the kid feel impaired

Don’t let the scare of scars from dares that arm hairs to stand on end

Dull down the flare

Give in to the core of a shapeless form

Make the love for yourself a part of the norm




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