Fortunate for a fortune formed from a fantasy

Of fist-bumps and fireballs fashioned by the free

A bright burning battery floating on flattery

Fly frictionless fusion of frenzy and faculty

Full blaze, full blown, full frontal, full bottle

Forever focused on a final frontier full throttle

Boldfaced, brow furrowed, fabrics fitted, belt fastened

Bending borders everywhere before everything flattens

Ballad of a broken bridge fixed to forge bonds

If fan-fiction funfair with foreign foes and forest bears

Frankly, is a bit of a bomb

Figure out fickle figures to better fend off frostbite

Best bet on bigger fish, forget a barbaric bullfight

Fast lanes for freezer burned butterflies on bikes

Fill the brain with balloons and watch ‘em take flight

Make a final boss fall back

Flick a finger at false facts

Reform a blood sucking flea into beautiful fruit bat

Until the broke have belly fat

No bullies barfing on the fishing boat, man, f*** that


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