Seeking balance on a seesaw below a sea of saws

Wanting to see what ancient monks saw with a dropped jaw

Kaleidoscopic optic scope mixed with an agnostic pope

Sober psychotropic tropic vine swings reaching for hope

Teeter-totter blotter acid coffer traffic offers

Magic carpet rides over tides of sleep slobber from doctors

Coughing up coffee cups in the face of drowsy mugs

In a plot to pop bubble gum when troublesome lugs

Lugging cumbersome luggage make the flight chug

In hopes to turn constrained complaints into a fight club

A techno gypsy band in a trippy sixties hippy van

Tours a mental landscape to help the crowd understand

Photosynthesized flower child raised on moonbeams

Incentivizing intensified rides through a tomb’s dream

Soon seen is a wily coyote chewing peyote

To chill the road runner dragon by sitting still on a wagon


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