Cat Crap

Itty-bitty shitty kitty

Your nitty gritty activity

Is for the litter box

Don’t stop and squat

On the carpet where we all walk

The scratching post is just right there

Don’t rip apart the leather chair!

You sit and stare without a care

No! Stop! Don’t do that there!

Don’t just lay there getting fat

Go chase some rats you stupid cat!

Leave the birds alone!

Don’t cry and moan

Bad behavior from your claws

I won’t applaud your idle paws

Pushing objects to the ground

Just to hear that crashing sound

More destructive than a dog

Less productive than a log

But on my lap you stop to purr

Letting me pet your fur

Easing all my frazzled nerves

Itty-bitty shitty kitty

Mad at you?

Don’t be silly


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