Gift Card

When catharsis is a narcissist freezing in the arctic

When hypocrites in tar pits are begging to be honest

When carsick from a cosmic ride-along on a comet

Hard hit harvests harness a harshness of hearkening hardships

That might not be plentiful, but can stimulate progress

In darkness the glint of a spark lit from a charred flint

Can split darts with spit balls that target black markets

Housing the fingerprints of infants who hint at the farthest

Reach of tactful tentacles wrapped around shouting mouths

Megaphones versus crowds

Sirens versus compliance

When verses urge to purge surges of nervous reliance

When a circus serves a purpose standing still in silence

When defiance is a tyrant of a toxic environment

Brash tears from soft eyes curse at the sky with a smile

Allowing empty wallets free movement through medicinal turnstiles


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