Dream House

I want to live in a cardboard dome with hardwood floors

And an open door with a garden gnome

Classic Frankenstein posters over wallpaper printed

By a Salvador Dali tagging alleys, at a rally getting lifted

Retractable roof to watch the fish at night

A 50’s vision for the kitchen with space age hype

The living room is furnished by a Vincent Price whisper

From the afterlife to my ears to all other visitors

Mounted above the mantle is a tofu deer

“No Doubt.  No Fear.”, scratched across every mirror

Staircase constructed by M. C. Escher

Leading to a ball pit of particles still to be measured

Beside a closet full of chronicles; a portal for adventure

Hedge maze in the back leading to a buried treasure

Scraps of the map are found in every room

For those who boldly knock against closing walls of doom

Home sweet home – what a struggle, what a price

The goal to attain a life of unrestrained heights

Home sweet home – what a chore, what a rush

To attain a life where strife is finally hushed

Home sweet home – it’s a brush, it’s a song

It’s a way for wrongs to become bygone

Home sweet home – it’s my decision

The more I think for myself the more solid my vision

Home sweet home – I am finally free

When I decide to let go I decide to be


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