Crocodile Smile (Poli-ticks)

See you later calculator, instigator, alligator

Infiltrator of nests born to test operators

Your answers are a guess, and your threats an indicator

Of inspired innovators invading emulators

Creators of worlds with a hostile nature

Meant to beat down players fighting volatile slayers

May the mayor of your town make a major overhaul

Making painted layers crack to display glass walls

Sad sack yack-yacks fly back in the face

When facts illustrate the bias in your tastes

When you demonstrate a lack of effort to illuminate

What separates scepter holders from a mundane fate

May the stake to your claim shrink with the puzzle

May the path you embark on link to a muzzle

Of a starter pistol fired in a race for rebuttals

May the weight you place on my heart tenderize the muscle


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