Kids These Days

Crop circles in a field of dreams lend the means to bend metal beams

With saucer sized eyes analyzing seams that mend mental states clean

The goblet of a prophet is a prospective object of objection

Selected to profit from objective contrasts to obsolete perceptions

By a collective consensus of what is sensed through the senses

By conquests in contests against senseless concepts presented

Through an emerging surge of steady nerves and purging endorphins

Exerts from experts on cursed births disperse a wet nurse for orphans

Hoping inner tube interludes free from family feuds

Splash into a bubble bath smash where clashes are few

Attaching lit matches to fuses connected to rockets

To find planets protected in fifth dimensional pockets

To offset threats of a collision from heated transmissions

Until clocking in n’ out of closets is an outdated tradition

Traded in for a cobweb trailing the floor to a furnace

To ignite a learner’s permit in order to service flights over the surface


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