Full Circle

Your existence has a positive function even if production is nothing

If eruptions of destruction do not translate into corrupting

Interruptions that disturb the peace while looking for silence

Or a compliant defiant alliance honed in on reliance

Goblins circle a cauldron of fertile absolvents

For their involvement in tripping up worthwhile problems

Solvers in the way of subtle humble bundle double trouble

With a Hubble’s lens scoped on muddled hurdles huddled

In the way of rebuttals disguised as scuttles sanctified as  distant cuddles

The fear factory stature actors are fractured by puddles

Full of arms reaching out wearing charms to smooth the stubble

The faceless ones ringing sirens are the causes for alarm

Puzzle how it’s no longer us versus them – it’s we versus now

When the hour of power has showed us how

To demonize devils while questioning halos

A time out times doubt solves for “x” in a cradle


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