Yang To The Yin

My soul is reaching out for goals found in yoga

While my mind is leeching off of those wrapped in togas

Reaching to screech a screaming doubt found in a loud shout

To cancel the uncertainty earned in a sound cloud

Learned from the proud shrouds of confessing insecurities

Believing they would lead to prophesying certainties

Monetizing an urgency hatching in the future

That would heal the self with altruistic sutures

For personal gain, it’s plain as the expression on a dog

But dogged in its retention as a versatile cog

To prove the benefit of you is how I can gain

Relief from a migraine attempting personal slain

The servitude of Cain remains forever able

In perpetuity of nudity since Eve’s cradle

Gratuity is null in the call of a loud battle cry where proud saddles collide

When the insanity of it all can no longer run or fry

Forgive or let it dry


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