Plant Food

Best to not knock a knock-knock tapping to a code

To erode dusty padlocks waiting to implode

Against musty doors holding back heavy loads

Of unexplored spores ready to grow

A steady pour on pores rains on plastic faces

Hefty scores of sores gain on drastic races

Cracks in the core maintain trendy places

While the tracks of the poor are dusted away

Filmed for a rapport report with a decade delay

Attracting the reactive attractive tactic to scorn the tragic

Thorn of drastic havoc happening back when

Chagrins that captioned the state of now

Were dated ages ago by those who saw how

To feed the beast of peace a feast of treats

Treated with pieces of preacher parts praying for relief

Heated speeches that reach the art of gratifying grief

Tantalizing the chief of a belief shrinking into a black hole

Packed in shrink wrap trying to defy a time capsule

So mind the gaps and mine the mannerisms

Of spine chilling chaps trapped in gaudy cataclysms


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