Clock Watch

A heart full of dust only sharpens the mind
To distort trust into closing the blinds
On a view that is clear, and it’s crisp, and it’s vast
And it’s ready to explore for those who break through the glass

To a visionary slouch who sinks in the couch
The window looks too small to be a way out
It can be hard to relate when a bed is made of nails
When the winds of fate blow through holes in the sails

Gaps always stretch when the thresh is a fail
Traps are set when the bets are for bail
Fighting over different shapes that burns can make
In contrast to the cloth and the time that it takes

A greyhound in roller skates with knots in the laces
On a treadmill that is off to the races
With a fate that’s fine when the case is closed
Until the latches break and contents are exposed

The vertigo of a vertical plunge is too much
To a fowl weather friend who’d rather keep its wings tucked
Who never hits homeruns, and always catches foul balls
But always knows when the umpire made a bad call

The alarm keeps ringing as the sun starts to set
Pressing snooze to sleep through waking regrets
Comforted by the fact that if night should fall
There are spaceships in the sky with beckoning calls


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