Can it be?

Much of humanity’s vanity happily, vapidly, handily handed its sanity

To comb over homeowner bulldozer reality strategies

Placing gallantry cavalry savagery gravity over the eyes

Denying a plan to see from seed to tree to man

The spree began in trying to free a sea of demands

From the dreams of fiends with schemes and means in hand

To brand the keen with streams that gleam with serene scenes in soundproof booths

Bound to spook the ones with guns who spy on truth

The true uncouth who mine the roots of proof to break the wake

Of heavenly levity brevity symmetry synergy sinner reach winner breach inner speech

Beseeching peace to release the beasts with luggage and grudges

Absorbing and sorting forming nudges from bunches of hunches

Freeing deforming contorting conforming distorting con-sorters hoarding lunches


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