Chicken Fried Stakes

Locked in a padded room with a red and blue chessboard
A timer on the wall, a piece of chalk to keep score
And a camera on the ceiling monitored by a panel
Who prattle nonstop about burgeoning battles
A committee committed to controlling the cattle
Without a care for the cries from the kennels they rattle
Drunk from a feast speaking with a beast with tusks
Shrunk by the beat repeating defeat is a must
The mule is plunked in the opposing seat
Relieved the referee is a thief with a license to rob
Because odd jobs are silent when the addiction is applause
So no friction in a loss, or the cause for high stakes
As checkmate mates make for great dinner dates
And a rematch awaits, or it’s detach to a fate
Where pawns kill and recruit outside guarded gates
Upcoming prodigies beginning to awake
For the sake of a game with infinite layers
That’s only as good as the upcoming players
Who can bend old rules by mastering new laws
When there’s no room for a tie in the midst of a draw


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