Extra Crispy

Dawning a crown of thorns made with unicorn horn
A uniform born in the shreds of sandstorms
The last bred by norms fed by the adjourned
By a jury willing to scorn those unwilling to conform
Chilling is the form of those spilling onto swarms
A flood of warm blood from the congealing norms
Concealing the proof of a triceratops cyclops
Wandering deserts for an oasis filled with tear drops
Blinking twice for clear sight
Nodding once when it knows flight
Thinking the price is right when reality slows now
So batter fried batter-ups corking razor sharp teeth
Ensure obscurity and free speech meet with batting eyes
Securing standing slides in a rusted playground
Can never reach insurmountable highs
In the guise of those supposed to be willing to lay down


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