Blacksmith hammer slammers gather by the droves every Sunday

Equipping back flipping glitter wizards using microscopes in a fun way

Shining sunrays on poker chips held still by stage clips

For the ice cream cone that fell on the floor

Because dull blades are made without spirit in the ore

Fear it to the core, or jeer it at the mall, or cheer it to the store

To stall the heard-it-all-befores from finishing their chores

Piggy bank hearts blueprinted in the score


Stomach full of duck sauce to circumvent the pluck off

Hiding in a dusty log cabin navigating the urge to cough

Analyzing threshold angles to strengthen the muscle

To keep ahead of the herd in math, science, and hustle


Carl Sagan band wagon bumper sticker stumper

Superglued to the prelude of vaccine nude scenes

A refusal to stutter in front of Bible-thumper blunders

Even if Hell’s wishing well is simply preying on soul screams

A fist full of dollars, and a box full of spark plugs

The six arms of a Kali statue locked in a stark shrug

Jettison the gentle grins of gentlemen sipping on shark blood

The Edison medicine settles in through a dark flood


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