Fashionably Unstylish

Draped in a wool knit track suit on peak summer hours

To prime the mind for winter time grinds and cold showers

A flower power hoodie and a can of spray paint

When compelled to commit crimes against the restraints

Faith written on a wrist band hidden under a handcuff

A name brand to withstand tests designed to disband bluffs

Tucked shirt growth spurts show what a word’s worth

Fine silken tattered robes for the devil laced church chirps

From a wolf in a sheep fleece trying to usurp the universe

Give away a light bright glowing with the picture of a tree

To the Christ-like prototypes flowing in the breeze

Warn them of the butterfly nets set to their migration patterns

Coordinates locked on the best bets to feel threatened by Saturn

And those with photos of the past printed on faded flags

Drying on a clothesline – in constant fear of a plague

X-ray glasses to see through traffic and help map the route

Stand before death’s door in a birthday suit

Dress codes for success mode and ultimate truths

And to bounce in the clouds on a pogo stick

With a logo of Slick Rick wearing four gold chains

Giving the seal of approval to a solid fashion game


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