Right Here, Right Now

This is Angry Tablecloth, alright? Alright. All day? All night. Out of sight? In the mind. From the heart? Through the spine. For the blind? For the signs left behind by the seers ahead of believers. Don’t ask me what that was. Okay, let’s get serious for a bit, as I share a few more thoughts on enlightenment, and being present minded. I may still trail off on the occasional absurd rant, but that is to be expected by this point, I think.

The potential to see deeper within, and further beyond conventional reality does exist. This may not be something everyone is able to do, as a close friend of mine argues, but I see no reason why someone capable of comprehending these words is not capable of realizing this potential. If you can drive a car then you can find enlightenment; if you are not able to do so then you already possess it. (More of a nice thought than a fact, perhaps, but there is merit in contemplating that thought metaphorically, personally speaking.)

The illusion of enlightenment being difficult to achieve has value. Uncertainty and ignorance are elements that allow for a creativity that would not exist otherwise. They can also stifle creativity if allowed to run rampant. As I had mentioned roughly a year ago, hunger has a value to be celebrated, until it transforms into starvation. Without physical hunger there would be no chefs, or Sunday brunches with your aunt, who will not shut up about how well her daughter, the big-shot lawyer who is the same age as you, is doing, right before asking about your writing career, knowing damn well you haven’t made a penny off of it, yet, because you just talked to my mom yesterday! I overheard the whole conversation! I’m still living with my parents! Doesn’t that say it all?! I don’t know what lingering issues you have from growing up together as sisters, but I didn’t ask to be a part of this perverse competition between the two of you! Wait, what I was talking about? Right, so balance is important, and it is a balance of limitations that allow for this unique world to be.

This world of ours is ideal for pursuing enlightenment, however the word is defined. It is far more challenging to achieve an enlightened state if distracted by an earthquake, as it is if lost in a paradise unfounded by wisdom, where there is no concern for such matters. (I believe this is a Buddhist point of view I am borrowing from.)

There can be multiple locks attached to a door of prosperous truth. One key that is always required can only be found in the present moment. Whether tackling scientific facts, or philosophical understandings, this is true.

Heightening the experience of the present moment can be as easy as it can be challenging, because it essentially requires nothing more than being present minded. Practice is a skeleton key.

Know that it never hurts to look through the peephole, before turning the knob. Keep a set of keys comprised of curiosity, sincerity, alertness, and consideration close in hand, and those doors will open in time. Soon enough the thought of your cousin, sitting in the corner office of the firm she’s a partner in, laughing at you with a level of condescension perfectly mirrored by the way she looks down on the “insects” below from fifty stories above, as she clinks a champagne glass with her mother, will not even bother you all that much… I hate brunch.

Learn from the past, live for the present, and dream for the future. Whether you only find a majesty in down-to-earth moments typically reserved for heavenly bodies, or the gates of a tangible heaven, the glory of this moment can shine through, regardless.


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