Black Light

Colour blinds are aligned across my windows

But I can see you are different from me

This I know clearly, regardless of skin tone

Because we are all separate entities

Searching for inner peace

With an internal beast inflaming our grief

Within a war torn space within our souls

Our goals are the same

Prosperity merrily defined through the endurance of our name

And that will change, because we will sustain

The past remains a part of our being

Seeing that the future is not in our hands

When our bodies turn to dust

Our thoughts turn to rust

When we do not trust

The next generation to form a prosperous nation

When it is our degradation turning future stations

Into a prison of sanctions

Our vacations are found in weed smoke

Searching for the antidote in drugs and smart jokes

Because this is the opposite action

Of those who put the yoke around our necks

To subject us to a dog eat dog world

That unfurls our beliefs

Not understanding our peace can be found

In the fact we are the past lives that cause us to behave

As if we still live in caves

As if they dug our graves when we can still save the planet

Can a single person understand it?

Can a single person handle it?

Can I know my whole being by believing everything I’m perceiving

Is an ending that enters a new state of being?

Yes I can, ‘cus the plan was placed in the palms of love

By those above who understand this is the only way

To bury apathy happily to an early grave

But apathy’s funeral demands an attendance in abundance

An understanding, a display of appreciation for its true substance

Nihilism is forgiven for trying to imprison my heart

Because this is the heart in which truth is found

To bind hate and translate the weight of its worth

In the debate this is birthed

Cursed and blessed at the same time

Until game time reveals the crimes that allow me to shine

Sign of the light brought to you in cooperation with the fight

Yeah right

That’s the truth to help one sync to the fact

Everything is black and white, and ultimately one

A product of the sun from which we all come from

Don’t play dumb, acting numb

As if we aren’t all branches from the same tree of life

Cut the trunk, count the rings, and you will see the same strife

Together we struggle, and together we’ll bubble

And I will forever be humbled by the channel I handle

Until we all escape this jungle

Communing with nature

To a stature not presented by present nomenclature


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