Welcome Back

This is Angry Tablecloth – a blast from the eight fold past.

Now I know this isn’t the first time I’ve disappeared for a disconcerting period of time, only to return without a good explanation, claiming I have good reasons for doing so, but baby, we need each other.  You’ve got to trust me.  You know I love you, and I know you love me. It’s not like I was out there cheating on you, running around with slutty blogs I barely know, entertaining other audiences, or nothing. You know I’m faithful. You know you’re my one and only. Wait!  Where are you going?  Fine!  I don’t need you!  Oh, god, what will I do now?  Why does it hurt so much? Writing this internal monologue helps a little, but what next? It’s been a while since I wrote a proper piece, so that is what I’ll do.

Someone willing to risk their health and safety has nothing to lose, but someone whose safety cannot be harmed has everything to gain. I texted that sentence to a friend of mine, without having given it much thought, to see what he thought.  I just thought it sounded cool.  Quickly he replied, “The ladder does not exist.”  At first I wondered, “What do ladders have to do with anything?  Is this a metaphor having to do with climbing?”  Then I realized he meant latter, and that spellcheck is to blame.  Damn you spellcheck!  And damn you Wikipedia!  We forget things right after looking them up, because we can just look them up again, only to forget again!  Our souls are lost in the machine!  You are to blame for the woes of… but I am deviating from the point I wanted to make.

After my friend’s “ladder” comment, I replied with something about how Deepak Chopra claims the latter does indeed exist.  I made this up, pretty much.  I have heard him speak about a level of consciousness where one can do no harm to others, and no harm can be done unto them, but again, I wanted to see what my friend would have to say, knowing how much he admires Mr. Chopra, and everything he has to say.  My friend texted back a single word that read, “Oh.” Oh?  No!  My friend is far too independent in thought to believe something based on nothing more than someone else believing in that something. (Not to break character (although that’s what I’m doing…), but this will put a smile on his face, and so I’m not being as harsh on him as is being conveyed.)

Everything needs to be questioned.  Present day physics may lack a fundamental understanding that will be made apparent in a hundred years from now, but do you know who will prove this to be true?  A physicist.  The same goes for psychology, and everything else in the world.  If you can recognize the value and limitations of a certain field then you can exceed and further the progress of that field.

A Buddhist who believes killings is wrong, and that all living things have a purpose should stop brushing their teeth. Every time you brush your teeth you are killing a countless number of living bacteria. Perhaps the purpose of that microscopic life is to provide purpose to those who work for Colgate, but that does not erase the fact living things are being destroyed.

The first Buddha lived in a time when oxygen was not known about, and so breathing took on a completely different meaning. Now, perhaps Buddha was able to see and understand quantum mechanics, and molecules, and was able to contact aliens while in a supreme state of being, but understood how crazy that all seemed, and that humanity was not ready for this information, and those who were would find a way to this knowledge, and that subtle suggestions may lead the way… I don’t know. I do know that old ideas are given new life by questioning them, and understanding the perspective they come from.

That is all I really needed to say at the moment. I will be back again, soon enough, I promise. Thanks to all of those who follow, comment, and like what I do.


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