Just For The Taste Of It (Diet Boast)


Inspiration for innovators

Meditation modulator

Middle ground, final round, out of bounds educator

The mat giving yoga brats relief from their labours

Centered like the equator

The message is vacant, this is strictly for flavour

Tickling the taste buds of budding phase shifters

Rippling through the actions of cunning space trippers

Trickling to the fashions of sunning face lifters

Crippling the traction of gunning faith grifters

‘Cus having some fun is important to the greeting

Of a new depth – a new breadth of believing

A recital that is vital to the cycle of being

Look at that backtrack – gave this all a new meaning

Grow with the unknown, and you may end up seeing

Past points unfold on an untold story

Now clear with years of progress that digress into glory

Not looking too far ahead – just beyond dread

Enabling clear minds to see through the neon dead

Now that the mind is fed with gifts to be celebrated

I’m the soda cap keeping still waters carbonated

Making new styles look like they have to be carbon dated


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