Technicolor Blandness

Plain Jane migraines pass through the membrane

Gash of the interesting

Paths that are intersecting

Math that is interjecting

The wrath of grey days

With a possible pay raise

An internal upgrade

Free from the glee of an infernal upstage

Seeing through the maze from a bird’s eye view

Through words I skew

Absurd lies that belie to disguise the truth

High dive from the sky to provide the proof

Tie-dye acid rain storming from a sober plain

Gained from the grains of a sour mainframe

That inspires the dance

To enhance the trance

To shake up the weather

To wake up those trying to know better

Trying to be unfettered

To those who cannot find the exit with a vigilant search

Close the eyes and realize you are stooped on a perch

Ready to fly with feathers formed from a rebirth


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