Well timed spell binds meld minds, sublime

Hell signed bell chimes melt spines, sub-prime

Ingrained to the voice

Inflamed by the mind

Sustained by the choice

Ordained by the sign

Blank slate wake states make great primates

Tailgate fail safe stalemates bind hate

Faith to the blind

Framed by the goal

Tamed by the climb

Trained by the soul

Oh, what a chemistry

Cradle rock remedy

Fatal flock, navel crop, rail shock energy

Fable talk, stable walk, grail-bop tendencies

Trail hop treachery

Mail block recipes

From stale stock, cop rock, cock block centipedes

Centuries of them and me bleeding through pages

Leaving future kind with a truth of the ages

Indexing mankind to the root of the sages

A root that is nameless

A route that is shameless

Watch out for floor wax, and hovering cages

No doubt to store fat from lumbering mages

No doubt to raise stats on slumbering stages

Proof to the numb sitting back isn’t safest


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