Poor Decisions

Have you ever listened to someone deliberate openly about giving change to a homeless person?  I have, at least a few times.  It happened the other day.  The concern is always about whether or not the money is going to food, or to something else the benefactor does not approve of, like drugs or alcohol.  Right or wrong, I know the money is not going to a hunting trip, to shoot wolves from a helicopter, or an attempt to circumvent public opinion to install an oil pipeline in a pristine forest.

A person in a tailored suit typically garners a respect that a person in rags commonly does not.  How the climb up the ladder, or the slide down happened are rarely taken into account.  For the most part these factors cannot be taken into account, because interrogating others to find out if their station in life is a result of drug dealing, or drug addiction is probably unwise, for obvious reasons, I would think.

Rushing to judgement is unwise.  It is in the unknown that details like the ones written here come forward, and a certainty is found.

Avoiding generalized judgements is an astute move, but while a group of young men with swastika tattoos could be heading to the local soup kitchen, to do volunteer work, you may want to cross to the other side of the street, rather than approach them for directions.

The colour of a person’s tie may not say much about their character, but the gleam in their eye will reveal the truth.


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