Season One Finale

Time to loosen that tie, unbutton that collar, and take off those pants, and drink a cup of tea, and take a deep breath, and have a quick nap, and then a nice lunch, then surf the net, then down a few beers in the parking lot, and then reflect on the damage your affair is causing the family, on the drive home, because it is Casual Friday!  Time to open up the mailbag, and answer some questions from the fans, along with even more questions no one ever wanted to ask!  I don’t know how this is relaxed, exactly.  It’s supposed to be like having a laid-back conversation, I guess, or maybe it’s the fact that this crab cake could end up being fifty percent breading.  I don’t care.  I’ve come too far to start looking back!

I have received comments and even questions from good people, who respect what I write, even if I occasionally curse, or make a possibly lewd comment, or burst into the odd rant about a government conspiracy involving mind control, and nanobots in flu vaccines, forcing us to mine the necessary minerals for the Bot Lord’s colony of space ships, calculated to reach Titan’s orbit in seven years, unless we rise up now, but that is aside from the point I initially wanted to make.

The point I wanted to reach in the above paragraph is that it’s good having an edge, but I don’t need mine so sharp that others have to worry about getting cut with each new post.  Keep people on their toes, but not in fear of having them shot.  The laws of this jungle operate differently.  This is my sanctuary.  Please, leave all insults at the gate, and respect the wildlife.  All I am saying, in the clearest ways I possibly can, is that there is a line minded for between offending someone’s sensibilities, and inflicting real harm, or endorsing things that are damaging.  It’s the difference between saying, “Motherf***er,” and recommending someone have sex with their mother.

Tripping Timmy on Christmas Eve can be funny, but the margin for error can be as small as a bit featuring a pot shot at a prize fighter.  The latter can easily be as lame as the former is hurtful, which can be equally insulting when unskillfully executed.  It can be a thing of beauty to watch someone with precision hit a target the size of a pinhead.  It can be a lot of fun to veer left and right when the mark is finally hit.

I’ve dipped my toes in enough to know what the waters are like.  I can put my best foot forward every time without need to back peddle.  (I write this, because I have altered a couple lines from past posts I was not fully satisfied with.)  Pilot season is over, and the vision moving forward has been fine tuned, to provide you the viewer, the best experience we can possibly deliver.  I have more to share in an upcoming post on the future, along with some behind-the-scenes insights.  Should be ready in a week.  Got big plans for the years ahead.  I want to run through all formats!  I’m going from VHS to DVD, to Digital, and beyond!  This is the Betamax exclusive phase, in case you wanted to know.

Half of the stuff written so far would be deleted if I didn’t believe it added to the casual theme.  That last sentence, along with this one, will be erased, unless I can come up with a good use for them.  That last segment of the last sentence made them worth keeping.  That last segment didn’t actually help, but that last sentence did.  That last sentence actually made this worth keeping.  Now it’s all really strange and confusing.  Now it’s worth keeping.

Damn it!  The entire point of this post was to answer questions!  Well, thankfully, I really only had one to answer.  I will get to it very soon, in a piece titled Wonderment.  I am so disappointed in myself that microscopic robots may start pouring from my eyes.


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