High Flyin’

This is Angry Tablecloth, and I like weird things, including Don Hertzfeldt, cuddle fish, and hallucinogenic experiences.

The topic for today is drugs!  Not one certain drug, or a specific category of drugs, because they are all the same.  I am not going to (intentionally) glorify or demonize drug use of any kind, unless my window pane business hits a serious slump, but I do have some thoughts to share, which are almost nearly almost half as good as almost as good as actual facts.  (About 5/14, if you’re keeping score.)

Some drugs radiate golf track focus run productions heavily soaked in fruit water slides.  Watch for wrangling elevator lovers drop-kicking the moon into open casket gravy bulbs.  I even have some coherent thoughts to share.

Just say, “No,” to drugs, boys and girls!  If that is not going to happen then go organic!  Nobody needs a bunch of harmful chemicals in their drugs!

“It’s natural!  It’s a plant!”  That is why I eat every strange berry I come across when trekking through a forest.

Believe it or not, there can be consequences to frequently using certain drugs.

Mind altering substances can help a creative soul accent a room with a new flare of colour, though covering the house in LSD wallpaper print is not mandatory by any means, although observing the work of some creative minds that do indulge can have tremendous benefits.  They do not even need to be creative.  I suggest going to a dark, secluded alleyway at four in the morning, and shinning a flashlight on the enchantment taking place within.  Do not fear, they have had contact with the outside world for many decades.  Mind your manners, respect their customs, and you will do just fine.  It is polite to accept if they offer you some drugs, and it is the only way to be fully accepted into their tribe, but it is not a major faux pas to decline.  Their ways may seem rather crude, and alien to us actual human beings, but their native tongue is extremely complex, to an extent that most rational men and women are unable to comprehend.  To us, many of their conversations sound like little more than nonsensical babbling.

There are things that can only be found in foggy environments.  Once the mist clears, so do most to all of the things found within it.  What remains are impressions splashed on the mind, body, and/or soul, which can easily turn into scars if not careful, or eye-catching tattoos, depending on various factors.  As many of us grow, we decide to seek things that do not fade so easily, and can be seen from a distance.  As I have said in the past, “Spend at least less than half of your time dedicated to the fleeting rewards in impulsive desires,” if the pursuit of lasting structures is important to any extent.  This is not to assert that a trip inside a haze is useless, or unnecessary at any stage in life.  A foggy climate can be generated by other means such as contemplating Zen koans, or mathematical quandaries, which can have unique rewards, and also consequences if not approached with the proper state of mind.  Sometimes the mistakes endured by some reward us all.

Good and evil are subjective constructs becoming the absolutes they have always been.  This is so for a reality of countless souls progressing through countless lifetimes, towards an enlightened state of oneness.  That has nothing to do with anything written here, but I bet I just blew the mind of one person out there who is really high right now.  (Ultimately, there is only action and reaction, which again, probably just blew the mind of someone really high.)

In relation to self actualization, and all that good stuff, there are drugs that can be of temporary assistance.  Eating a bunch of magic mushrooms may enable someone to ingest a sublime wisdom flowing from within the Earth, that few people can interpret, and some cannot even handle, perhaps, but the short term benefits can hinder long term gains, especially in relation to desire management.  It’s not easy to remain in the present if the next hit is constantly on the brain.  Certain drugs may form a bridge, allowing one to touch Zen using a shortcut, but a tenuous bridge traveled many times will likely result in a fall at some point, and what was once a path to be walked is now a wall to be climbed, which can be especially strenuous, depending on whether the bottom was struck, and how hard.  How something is attained can dictate how it is maintained, and the maintenance required dictates the value of what has been attained.

The last thing I would like to leave you with is the fact that I could cause a person or two to flip out, if I could share what I soberly experience when rapt in the heights of appreciation.  Seriously, no drugs required.  I would happily give you a sip if I could bottle it up.  Perhaps a synthesized version could be manufactured at a pharmaceutical lab.  Ideally, it would be highly addictive, so that maintaining this state would become everyone’s top priority, making this a better place for us all.  Now that is a world I want to contribute to the building of.  Sad thing is, as profitable as this could be, it can be achieved by you, for free without any harmful side effects.


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