Static in the Attic

The magic in rabbits in hats inhabits the static

Of the rabid for demigod, top dog epilogue status

An addict for the attic

Complacent in the basement

A purgatory allegory for anything adjacent

Not that the first floor bore anything insipid

But it was overcrowded, so movement was limited

Plus, there were peepholes above and below

That provided new angles that few came to know

But with little room to grow with voyeuristic peepshows

Dusty boxes full of treasure emanate a pleasure

That can only be measured by the bright golden glow

Photo albums and tossed toys, vinyl records of lost noise

Forgotten relics that can dine on the present with top poise

Lost ways bless nowadays with stimulated applications

To be held with time melds that gel inspirations

Not a hermit with a permit for alienation

Others often came to visit driven by fascination

And they were greeted with elation without hesitation

Between two, three, or four were condensed conversations

Ill will kill thrills spill for chilled preservation

But the pitter-patter clamour drove them back to their stations

Enamored by the chitter chatter glamour of unending vacations

And they might share what they glared at to a broad crowd

And they might never talk about the hidden wonders they found

But they will never forget the whispers spoken aloud

Inconsequential when potential is discovered abound

The spirit glazed cash grab nabbed by poverty’s wealth

Is what the rats and the cats all salivated at

Hidden through open stealth


6 thoughts on “Static in the Attic

    • Been a big fan of his for a long time. Good to see he has something new out. To anyone who doesn’t know, and is interested, check out Bo Burnham’s What. You can easily find it on youtube. Why Shit So Crazy? by Reggie Watts is my personal favorite, as far as musical standup is concerned, and may very well be my favorite as far as standup is concerned, period, although it’s hard to say that I like Bo any less. George Carlin, Reggie Watts, and Bo Burnham are easily in my top five, I’d say. Grew up watching a ridiculous amount of standup – big influence. I still remember when the ComedyNetwork came to be, and it blew my mind to think there could be a channel strictly dedicated to comedy, and now the main music channel is at least 50% comedy. Once told a person my dream job was to be a standup comedian… may as well have told them I have suicidal thoughts, and no hope for the future. A comic would laugh at that.

  1. That was delightful and so apt as we herald a brand new year. What jumped out at me were these lines, and I quote:
    “And they might never talk about the hidden wonders they found
    But they will never forget the whispers spoken aloud.”

    So what is it that blocks folks from talking of their wonderment?

    Happy New Year!


    • Great question, my friend. Coming from a man such as yourself, I wonder if it is meant to be rhetorical one for others to consider. I’m going to meditate on this for a while. I’ll either reply with a future post, or I will simply add another comment in response. Thanks for the comment, and the inspiration such a question provides.

    • I know. I know. And it’s fuckin’, by the way, as far as I know… isn’t it? Never thought about asking a teacher the grammar for that one. Oh, and to anyone else reading this, I know this person, in case you’ve been wondering why every other page has a comment from this one weirdo, that I never respond to. He’s a good man. Check out Embrace if you need… bra accessories, I think he and his wife sell? Or check out Adorabelles? Is that the spelling? It’s a tea room… Why can’t I just say, “Thanks,” like a normal person would when replying to such a comment?

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