That’s What I’m Here For

This is Angry Tablecloth, glad to be back on track with another post to attack whack nonsense.

Talked with a squirrel a while back.  There I was sitting in my backyard, communing with nature, when the little fella appeared, drawn in by my harmonized state.  The language we spoke in was like a combination of feeling, emotion, force, and images that was foreign, yet oddly familiar, as if it were something I had forgotten at birth, yet was ingrained in the back of my mind, which is as close as I can get to accurately describing it.  The squirrel asked me about a plane that flew overhead.  I tried to explain the concept of technology, and how it differentiates from nature, although it is a part of nature, meaning nothing is truly unnatural, but we use such labels to make distinctions for the sake of expedience, although many of us forget this truth, because we lose ourselves in the divisions.  I tried to explain this, but midway through my train of thought, the the squirrel let out a high pitched shriek and dropped dead.  I think its brain overloaded.  My attempts to be one with the universe are not for the purposes of luring and murdering woodland creatures!  The experience filled me with sadness, causing me to ask aloud, “What is the meaning of it all?”  I then thought to myself, “Stop searching for meaning, and embrace the answers before you.”  From that moment on, everything changed in the most profound way.  I had found “it”.

What is it?  It is a mystery that offers clarity.  It surrounds the space in front of our faces, but it never remains in a single spot for more than a fraction of a second.  It is light and dark.  It cannot be touched, but it can be felt.  It shows when beckoned, and fades when ignored.  It can literally be seen with eyes that are opened, or closed.  It is a sign that there is more to life than meets the eye, for anyone with the vision to see beyond.  It is a strength, because it is a constant reminder of my strengths.  It is the static radiation from the big bang, traveling through and connecting to all things in all points of time and space.  It is a constant reminder of why I am here.

I am here to incentivise.  I am here to spit wise, and split lies.  I am here to surprise.  I am here to defy wise guys who try to deny a new age shifting to the next stage.  I am here to build playgrounds for good hearts who like doing cartwheels in open fields.  I am here to placate disgruntled playmates.  I am here to play games with heavy thinkers, and shallow mind frames gone astray.  I am here to say, “Hey!  It’s such a nice day.  Why not go out free from doubt, and shout hip-hip-hooray?”  I am here to stay.  I am here to go, “In no way can you crush my spirit, because those who cheer it are primed with good goals, and post signs on the road, and give me support to share what I know.”  I am here to provide goodwill chill pills with the potential for psychedelic thrills, based on consumption.  (I am here for like the third or fourth time, giving reasons why I am here.)

I am here to offer understanding, not simply by stating I am here to do so, but with evidence, and so I now present exhibit A.  A school bully can one day become heavyweight champ, only to be stricken with a critical illness or injury.  Reduced to the physical strength of a child, the person who picked on bookworms is now dependent on their help, if they want to live.  We are all interdependent, unless you are a true survivalist, and regardless we all still depend on this planet to live, and so it is important to respect one another for the sake of stability and prosperity.  Gandhi did not spend hours working on his takedown defense, and Nelson Mandela did not spend his time boasting about his Brazilian jiu-jitsu.  These great men had the kind of power that resides in the heart, and cannot be attained in a gym.  A person who exerts their physical prowess in acts of dominance over a few in order to feel tough, has no real power or influence over this world, and is relatively powerless against those who do.  This is a new age where the heart and mind have gone primetime, and will soon be featuring at a theater near you, if you do not already reside in a select city.  (I could easily write about the value of physical strength, but that is as obvious as the value of monetary wealth is to a person struggling to afford a life saving surgery, for their mother.  I am here to help others adapt to, or even alter such situations.)

This world needs more understanding, and compassion, and I am here to offer it in as many different flavors as I can.  Some might not suit your palette, and others may even cause an allergic reaction, but I have not laced the meals I share with poison.  Whether it is through my work, or the work of others, or exclusively through one’s own contemplations, I do hope a few more people out there are able to alter their perception, as I did on that miraculous day with the squirrel.  The strength, and resilience, and wonder, and stability it can provide, among other benefits is truly something to behold.  Perhaps it is not for everyone, and could cause a lot of distress for those who do not feel ready for change.  If you are ready and willing then you will find it.


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