Hell Yeah!

This is Angry Tablecloth, and now that I have tens of tens of followers, I recently thought, “What better way to alienate myself from my adoring fans than to write about religion?”  I love my self-destructive tendencies.  Building things is too much work.  I’d rather play in the rubble.

According to standard Christian faiths, Jesus is God, and the son of God, which is a comprehensive concept, as strange as it might seem.  So, Jesus is all powerful, and all knowing, and all loving, and is the savior of humanity, because of the forgiveness he imparts, and because his will is absolute.  So, when Jesus was on the cross, saying, “Forgive them Father, for they know not what they do,” he was requesting this for his persecutors.  They clearly did not believe Jesus was the one true God, or they had one disturbingly macabre way of showing gratitude, which might make sense if they were deranged, hard core masochists.

To think a perfect God would create imperfect beings with freewill, and impulses that naturally take them in contrasting directions, only so they could be punished for it, is like breeding a group of birds in locked cages, only to release them in a room full of ceiling fans.

I was once Jesus, and I was once Buddha, and I will become L. Ron Hubbard once more, one day.

I am a piece of everything, and within me is a piece that is everything.

I do not want to eradicate religion.  I want to dissolve fear.  To forcefully eliminate all religion, to solve the problems it can cause, would be as effective as cutting the tail off a lizard.  The fears that drive many to flock to different faiths, can be exploited through racial, political, patriotic, and economic divides, among other methods of derision, and is done so by those who lust for power over others.  Those compelled to control others for personal gain, are controlled by the very forces driving them to do so, and have no power over themselves, and will never know true freedom, but an acknowledgement of this can provide an escape route.  At the root of all problems are corrupted hearts that can enhance, or diminish any facet of life.

I am not wary of those who read, and study, and believe in the Bible, but I am cautious around those who have not read it, yet unflinchingly believe in their pastor, or anyone who follows anyone else without question.  How can one believe in something they have never examined?  It is only possible to believe in another person’s interpretation if that is the case.  I do not need to trust others if I can learn how to love and trust myself.

I know what it’s like to fretfully scour the pages of the Bible, searching for semantic reasons one might face eternal damnation, either for not being baptised, or for having a moment of questioning faith, because critical thought is as essential to survival as it is a horrible curse, apparently.  Critically think about what I tell you to scrutinize, and nothing more, and don’t question why!  Curiosity is for cats, and you’re a person, so be a good dog, and obey!  I know how stressful it can be not to possess a certain answer, and how scary it can be to even broach a certain subject.  That stress and fear forced me to pay close attention to everything I could, in case an answer I wanted would come about organically.  Through observation and consideration, I was able to shake the binds that had formed my journey to a freer state.

Everything I’ve written here was thought up, (but not written down) roughly ten years ago, and so it might not be as novel as it once seemed, but I hope it can help a few get up, and shout, “Hell no, I ain’t burnin’ in no hell!”  Until next time, when I will share my views on politics, euthanasia, abortion, gun rights, and how cats are better than dogs.


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