For Open Minds and Colour Blinds

This is Angry Tablecloth, and I don’t care if you think I’m weird, because it just means you’re an idiot, and dummies can’t offend me.  Nah, not really.  I take it as a compliment, every time someone considers me to be strange, and boy howdy, how I’ve been showered with flattery over the years.

I usually have a friend who organizes, and normalizes (to a degree) the thoughts I post.  He claims that my unfiltered ideas would only disturb and confuse a lot of readers.  Problem is, we’re not on speaking terms, at the moment.  The positive is, that it’s a lot easier to write with one less voice in my head.  He’d advise me not to tell you that, but you’re not talking to me, are you Gregory?!

I once had a conversation about telepathy with someone who does not live in my head.  He asked a number of questions as to how one would possibly read another’s mind, and heart, but these questions were asked with a predetermined answer.  The approach to the most important questions in life helps determine the answers.  Approach a question openly, and you may open  a gate to a new reality.

A person should not be discouraged if they are unable to peer into the heart and mind of a loved one.  An inability to read the mind of another can stimulate uncertainty, and curiosity, and other aspects of excitement frequently taken for granted that may not otherwise exist.  Respect for a limitation may open a door to surpass it.

I once had a conversation with someone where I was told, “If you stand too close to the Mona Lisa, all you see are spots.”  A single spot of colour does not seem like much, but to no longer have that colour would be more tragic than losing the Mona Lisa.  The depth of a single point can reveal the elegant simplicity of the bigger picture.  Perspective.

One person might invent blue, and another might invent light blue, while another person comes up with dark blue, and they may only seem like incremental steps, but they inevitably lead to the man who creates purple, which is new and amazing!  I don’t need a new paint job on the same old car to brighten my day!  Save the whales!  But that’s a grey approach (for me to take) for what should be old problems, and I’ve already painted that picture in this style, which is not to say the conventional, tree hugger role is not worth playing.  The exhaust spewing out of vehicles is now equivalent to a person belching, and spitting as they walk down the street, and it doesn’t matter how expensive your shoes are, when that is the case.  I drive, but I’m not afraid to walk down the street, or take the bus, just because those who see in black and white might judge me for it.  I don’t judge the guy with a Hummer, especially when considering that the guy eating bugs, and making his clothes out of hemp could judge me in the same light, but that doesn’t mean I have to be happy when I see one roaring down the road, which doesn’t mean I have to be mad about it, either.

Funny, how you can have 99% of a formula figured out, while dismissing the 1% that is deemed inconvenient, but that remaining bit can transform how the rest is seen.  Cherish your fractals.

Funny, how many of us base what we consider to be right by those we consider to be wrong.  Two dimensional approaches to multi-angled matters will not reach a solution.  Another grey insight, I suppose.

I might be viewed as strange, but I like it that way.  I can relish in knowing why others are the way they are, while they cannot understand why I choose to be who I am, if that is what I want.  There’s a romantic aura of mysteriousness to it.  I once wanted a “normal”, happy life, and even today I wouldn’t mind if that is the eventual result, but I don’t need my life to be an uproarious romp, where I get laid to the chorus cheers of drunken frat brothers, before being handed a beer can to chug, and smash over my forehead, followed by a bottle to chug, to then smash over someone else’s head, while wearing a t-shirt that reads, “Mission Accomplished.”  I already know how that movie goes.

Have you ever imagined a song in your head that became so vivid you could almost perceive it, as clearly as if it were actually playing, but then a burst of static shocks you out of that state, because it is like you are manufacturing something physical through thought alone, and that defies some sort of boundary in nature that we are not allowed to cross?  Me neither, cus that’d be crazy.

God is the moment before the moment a thought arises.  Meditate, and touch this state, to realize the God within.

God is everything, which means nothing.

You know what’s crazy?  You know what makes me want to hysterically laugh out loud in a public library?  I wouldn’t dare say this applies to you, but my efforts to have others consider the worlds I see would be harmed, if I were to share my truths in a single paragraph of plain English.  Then I’d really look crazy.


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