Of Bugs And Men

This is Angry Tablecloth, and today I wanted to share a few thoughts on the subject of war.  What better platform to solve humanity’s problems than on a free website four or five people are going to read?  Who knows?  Maybe a member of the U.N. will stumble onto this, after a night of binge drinking… because who doesn’t like reading when the room is spinning?  Who am I kidding?  This will do as much good as the real United Nations… with their peacekeepers who feed people…  But that is probably just damage control to appease the masses, so that their true masters can continue inflicting misery for profit… which I have no proof of, making that an egregious, off-the-cuff remark…  What was I going to write about, again?  Right, war.  I can’t believe the rest of this is supposed to be taken seriously… well, half of it, at best.

War has often been viewed as the proprietor to many of the technological, and social advancements throughout history, but this is a misnomer.  The true heart of responsibility lies in curiosity, sometimes in the form of the question, “How can I subdue my opponent before being conquered?”  Curiosity, and a passion for life can incentivize, and produce the same developments – you know – without the hassle of mass destruction.

There is value in an asteroid impact.  The water would become stagnant without something to stir up the sediment.  A place of absolute peace is one that is still, and predictable, but we are not statues.  There is no need to shake up the fish tank, until it cracks, and spills onto the floor.  If a peaceful world grew to be a problem, then excitement would arise, because there would be a war on boredom to resolve, and that would breed the disorderly elements needed in life.  Appreciating the role of an asteroid impact can help a person make peace with a violent world, as it can justify harm, although it is a weak excuse to use for harming others.

To attain and maintain inner peace can be a constant battle, but it is a fight that transforms into a graceful dance, like a boxing match, where the motion can be admired and celebrated, but without the need for fists.

Think of a warmongering nation in comparison to a hive of killer bees.  These bees might be skilled at destroying their insect cousins, and taking over new land, but without a sense for man-made boundaries, they might encroach a little too closely on a person’s yard.  They may try to conquer this new neighbor’s yard, resulting in them being wiped out by a force they could never comprehend.  Their success becomes their downfall.  Are there other forces in nature that we should be mindful of in the same light?  (My apologies to Africanized bees, for not using the preferred term, and reinforcing negative stereotypes.)

Most people do not wish for pain, unless they are paying a dominatrix three hundred dollars an hour to do it, but that is a little different.  (Three hundred, for anyone good.)  The collective will of humanity is one that desires to move away from suffering, and this desire is a constant, and so it will one day happen.  There is an issue when subgroups subvert this desire through division, and distraction, to ease their personal suffering, but this only delays the eventual.  To improve our individual lives and ignore the state of societal life either is or can be a problem, but to focus on the rewards in helping others out, allows me to overlook the strain I might feel otherwise with those who do not, because I make my own peace by allowing those gains to overshadow those possible consequences.  As our awareness increases through technological means, and through the conscious mind, it becomes harder to ignore the suffering of others.  Searching for your own inner peace is a move for world peace.

I have seen the future, and what the state of the world will be long down the road, so let me share it with you.  The day will come when humanity achieves a magnanimous level of peace and prosperity, beyond anything we could dare to dream of, at this time.  Eventually humankind will evolve into floating spheres of psychic energy, thanks to an unprecedented level of cooperation found in every person on the planet.  And eventually – in time – the spheres will fight their floating pyramid rivals!  Turns out there will be a conflict between the two shapes, where the pyramids boast their shape is a representation of advancement, citing the Egyptians of past, but the spheres claim they are holding onto their past humanity, and for that reason alone have not advanced as far as they have.  The war will last five million years in their time, but due to their incomprehensible nature, and ability to manipulate time, it would only come across as a single flash to us, lasting less than a microsecond, but with a force that will echo through the universe, although the Earth will survive.  The hyper intelligent ants will dig through the remains, to discover fragments of this tragic story.  Why such a species would let a seemingly petty squabble lead to such conflict is still a mystery, to their kind, that they are still trying to unfold.  This story is a corner stone of their civilization, as they do not want the same fate to be repeated, although they have a hive mind, and so it is unlikely, but – you know – just in case.  This part is meant to be taken seriously, clearly.


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