For Surface Dwellers And High Flyers

I now have more than twenty followers!  That’s ten times as many friends as I have!  I have never been so popular!  I am famous!  Oh no… I’m famous…  I can’t handle the pressure!  What if I write something that offends someone, and they stop reading?!  What if I lose my edge in fear of being offensive?!  Oh man, I’m screwed either way!  Don’t stop following!  Please!  I need the attention every celebrity craves!  Or do stop.  I don’t care.  Is that the attitude you prefer?  Damn it, most crap on TV and the radio is really effective at brainwashing, yet simultaneously pandering to their audiences, so how do I tap into that art form?  I can’t!  I’m lost!  I’m depressed!  Writing my thoughts aloud helps a little, but a little meditation would help even more.  Right!  I had some meditative practices to share… but I will not, because there is really no need.

With meditation studios, and yoga studios, and sensory deprivation tanks, and sweat lodges out there, ready to cash in on those interested in spiritual riches that money cannot buy, along with painting, and writing, and autoerotic asphyxiation – to name just a few of the myriad of methods available for mental expansion – I have no need to add onto the pile.  I have already given what I believe to be the most fundamental qualities essential to reaching enlightenment.  I may expand on them, one day, but not now.  Oh fine, do you really want me to provide you with a path to self actualization?  Do you want an avenue to serve as a conduit for your dedication to finding truth, and inner peace, that has not been offered before?  I got one.  Get at least eight and a half hours of sleep, avoid multitasking, and avoid corn syrup.  Those three steps alone have become a path to enlightenment, requiring all of the discipline one could ever need.  Want a simpler route?  Spend less than half of your time dedicated to fleeting rewards from impulsive desires.  If enlightenment is what a person truly desires then it will be found.

The pursuit of enlightenment is not a foolish one, nor the exploration of the soul, though in this present day they are often reduced to silliness, through the stigmas of the uninitiated, by the abuse of others who praise such concepts with unwarranted levels of assuredness.  Meditation has countless benefits, whether it is used as an attempt to harmonize with the universe, and become one with the collective consciousness of all living things, or as a matter of simply growing up, and mastering common sense, which is not to claim one is opposed to the other, or that one does not incorporate the other… but let’s set semantics aside for the moment.

One fundamental gain to clearing the mind with meditation can be related to in terms of diet.  Eating is essential to healthy living (to living in general, for me, at least) but eating every minute of the day is detrimental.  Varying the diet with alternative methods of thought, and considerations promotes good health, as well.  Junk food tastes great, but thoughts of fast cars, and hair combing techniques need to be balanced with a little exercise, in the form of contemplation, and/or meditation, in order to remain mentally fit.

Other key benefits to mentally exercising the mind can be related to in terms of physical exercise.  Initially lifting a 20lb dumbbell can be a struggle, wherein time it becomes as light as a 10lb one once felt, as the body becomes stronger.  Tiring the body gives the body more vigor in future situations.  In this regard, meditation is an exercise in concentration.  Strengthening one’s focus has a ridiculous number of perks, needless to say, and what was possibly tiring at first becomes energizing with practice.  Also, while a thoughtless state of mind can be a stretch to realize, for more than a few seconds at a time, at the outset, it can enable greater flexibility, just like stretching the body.  This can help in finding innovative solutions to problems, or finding newfound ways to enlighten and entertain, if for no other reason (though there are others) than it enables the aforementioned ability to focus on a subject, for more than a few moments before settling on an opinion or solution.

Strengthening the ability to concentrate can also aid in registering details, like with a shifting sunset.  The sky can appear orange in one moment, and then black in the next, because of a preoccupation with distracting thoughts.  Meditation can allow the magic of life to unfold before your eyes, instead of unfolding before your eyes can register the glorious reality in front of them.  This focus can also apply to registering the shift of a person’s eyebrow, signifying their mood as loudly as it would be if they were to shout out how they felt.  Meditation can make the subtle prominently stand out.  Meditation not only provides the ability to focus on what is important, but to block out what is not.

With a meditative, heightened state of consciousness, you may notice the trees have more texture, and that they have more motion when blowing in the wind, and you may feel as if you can wrap your mind around the trees, as if the space between you and them is encompassed by your consciousness, as you are becoming one with the nature standing before you.  With a heightened state of awareness you may have premonitions of past lives, and future events, and the ability to discern those intuitive experiences from daydreams and hallucinations.  Certainly I have discovered many surreal aspects to this illusion deemed reality, but there is need of a concerted effort to reach those who believe their feet are planted to the ground, through the present facts allowed by what is considered conventional knowledge.  Get someone to meditate with a grounded belief of what is real, for the down-to-earth benefits, and they may one day find themselves floating a foot off the pavement, based on what is possible.

I could keep listing the benefits of meditation, and the pursuit of enlightenment in general, but it will eventually devolve into a grocery list.  It would be as interesting as watching a slide show of someone skydiving, who only took pictures of the blueness above, and provides only cold, hard facts about wind resistance, and the height from which they fell from.  Not to state that they aren’t worth listing, or that it cannot be done in an interesting way, but it’s not for me to do, at this time, at least.  Take the leap for yourself, if you haven’t, and discover firsthand the majesty of it all.

And that is all for Meditation Corner, for now.  Now if you do not mind, I have to write about a conversation I had with a gun toting, car jacking unicorn suffering from vampirism, who has sexual encounters with a wealthy, twenty-seven year old entrepreneur, before finding the one true ring to rule them all, in a far off galaxy.  Hey, I have to increase the fan base, somehow.  The fame train ain’t stoppin’ for nothin’!


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