A Bit About Wealth

This is Angry Tablecloth, and I am disgusted by the financial elite who think they are superior to the poor based on that duality alone.  Wait, before that statement is misconstrued, allow me to elaborate.  As I have previously stated, I do not believe I am any better or worse than anyone else – only different.  So, based on that premise, such persons can only disgust me in the way Brussels sprouts do.  I have no animosity towards the vegetable, even though I find them nauseating, which is how I look at those who look down on those who are down on their luck – like brainless vegetables.  Well, that explains that.  Oh, I am just having some fun with the monetarily wealthy, because they can afford the rhinoplasty needed from a facetious jab to the face.  Oh, I am still just having fun.  Alright, let’s get a little sincere.

I do not care if you have a golden toilet collection worth enough to feed the entire world for a year.  I want you to enjoy life, no matter who you are.  This life can be a struggle for anyone, whether rich or poor, young or old, male or female, with thoughts of entropy, infinity, fragility, and others looming over our  lives.  I understand the urge to cling to smart phones and laptops like life rafts, so not to drown in an ocean of introspective and existential thoughts.

The instruments of oppression can become tools of liberation, depending on the view; a serendipitous realization available to anyone at anytime, in any situation.

I do not focus on rich versus poor, or young versus old, or black versus white.  Those who want to control versus those who strive to be free is a dichotomy worth focusing on, and I am sure there are those out there under the thumb of dictators who would agree.

I have heard on various occasions that it is human nature to want to be rich.  Conventionally, human nature is one of progression.  Acquiring an income increase is often viewed as a sign of progression.  But when material gain is recognized as progress, at the evolutionary cost of the mind and soul, distortions erupt, in societal mutations for example, that while can be noted as advancement, can also stunt more significant growth to an extent.  “Hot damn!  A slightly newer car that parks itself?!  Who gives a crap about alternative energy sources?!”  When the lust for ostentatious riches at all costs is recognized as counterproductive, to the maturation of the mind and spirit, human nature mandates another path be taken, or a divergence will take over, like a feeling of hollowness, or a lack of purpose, or other emotions of confounding distress.  If such an emptiness does take hold, it can be recognized as a positive sign, because it is a sign of humanity and goodness, and human beings are the pinnacle of evolution and progress, on this planet, to date.  (When I mention the soul, it can be metaphysical or metaphorical, and remain apt.)

Those who want more are not “the problem” per se, but those who need more than others for no other reason than to have more can be problematic, to the welfare of the general public.

To compromise my ethics for financial riches would be like selling my soul to the devil for a doughnut, when I already have a baker’s dozen in hand.

While I do not need to make money in order to help others, it would be laborious to work in a field where I am a burden to others, like the CEO for a duck shampoo made of crude oil.  I would rather work sixty hours a week doing something I am passionate about, than thirty hours doing something I am indifferent to, even the pay were double, but give me a job where I push a button for an hour a day, that allows me to spend the rest of my time as I please, and I would take it.  A long while ago, I was washing dishes, at a very girly tea house, wearing an apron with red and pink hearts decorating it, when I thought to myself, “I have either gained a new level of confidence, or lost all sense of shame, because I feel good!”  Sure, I like rollercoasters, and dishwasher was not a long term career goal, but I had attained the ability to be myself, unafraid of how others might judge.  I was overcoming the past issues I had with my ego, and that is a wealth worth sharing with others.  (To be unrestrained by glory and shame may work for a Zen master, but they are boundaries to be respected, if the foresight to avoid causing harm is lacking.)

For years I contemplated on matters such as self actualization, only to realize, “Holy shit!  This isn’t just a scheme to sell books, or healing crystals!  This is real!”  And it is in those moments that I feel like the richest man alive, regardless of my financial status.  Now that is a wealth worth sharing with others.

Walk down Wall Street to reach paradise, if that is the road you choose, but avoid spitting on any homeless camped out on the sides, to acquire the riches of compassion.  Life may only be as simple or as complicated as we make it for ourselves, but that is not a binding reality before it is attained, and so attaining and maintaining such a reality can easily be a more complex task.  If we can show one another a little decency, we can raise humanity’s dividends on a global stock exchange we are continuously becoming more and more aware of, each and every day, as a collective, from which we all benefit.

Your time and attention is a treasure I do not take for granted.  I appreciate the gift.  Man, I like the way these posts start out a lot more than how they finish, sometimes.  That made it a bit better.  ’til next time.


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