Biological Calculators

This is Angry Tablecloth, but what good is a tablecloth without some food on it?  Here is some food for thought.

Is the birth of existence rational, or is rationality a product of the universe?  Can the creation of the universe only be rationally viewed as irrational?  Not if one only exists with its polar equivalent.  Can an alignment with the ambiguity in between remove the vague curtain?

Everything this reality entails can make sense, to the point where it seems illogical in how it is able to be understood so clearly.  Everything can be known so clearly, to the point where someone else’s inability to know it all is a mystery, revealing magic in the unaware.

A clear view of the end can illuminate truths about the beginning, and the beginning can unveil facts about the end, and together they can illustrate the brilliant truth of this everlasting moment.

From a linear perspective, there was being before thinking.  The universe is not linear, but our perception of how we travel through it commonly is, and reality is perception.

We are different forms of the same thing, from molecular clouds to stars to planets to people.  The spark of existence is locked inside of everyone and everything, coming from the same source, and cannot be lost or eliminated, and can be tapped into to awaken elevated states of being.  This spark is a treasure that is rarely mined for its full potential.

The universe can be personally understood in terms of shapes, colours, motions, temperature, and other basic forces, that exceed the ability to understand it by the standards of most modern lexicons.  This is a language that can be difficult to acknowledge and accept, since conventional thoughts are compromised of a conceptual combination of words, feelings, and images, that are more complex than the elegant simplicity that birthed them.

Before there were thoughts made of words there was being.  Discover the wonders of a thoughtless state of being.

Words can be used as a force to shape, move, heat, and chill our very being, taking on a life that exceeds their definitions.

Mathematical formulas prove what words cannot, but a person with a gift for numbers does not necessarily comprehend the breadth of those equations, more so than someone illiterate.  The experience is deeper, still, though each form has distinct value and purpose.

If a modern man were placed among a tribe of cavemen brethren, his level of thought and understanding would only be a hindrance; he would drop dead from an extreme panic attack before the first mammoth hunt, due to the lack of a retirement plan.  Being able to walk over the bodies of companions who died from broken ankles, and bad coughs, without a second thought is an asset, in such times.  If prehistoric man was preoccupied with thoughts of existence, it could have been the death of ours.  What is now cruel was once a strength, but what was once a strength is now a liability.  Acting with the strengths of the past in the present, in the name of self preservation threatens the existence of us all.  Be pragmatic, keep a poker face, but understand that understanding is a tool of today, that can circumvent the actions of those trapped in the past.  The majority carry the will of the world, and they want love to reign supreme.  But this is now taking on the form and force of another debate, for a future day, so for now I have one last thing to say.

We must shatter this illusion deemed reality if we are to continue having one.


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