Evergreens and Kerosene

This is Angry Tablecloth, and this is a little poetry.

Nothing to complain about – the grievance to sustain

When cyber-sly metal mashers are dancing in the rain

Propane and matchbooks

Cocaine and bad looks

Tire fires inspired step mother nature’s left brain

Beetle brained pedal smashers blasting cannons at the stars

Sharing addled war stories back and forth at the bar

Define who they are by what they see as amiss

Trying to bend rusty spoons with antiquated consciousness

Lest they forget the less there is to remember

When stars at the bar have already surrendered

To the make believe properties of life’s unending tender

A free currency for the sideline defenders

Side wind pretenders citing throngs in the wrong

Slighting rights of the night in the broad day of light

Perfect man’s plight to lift off and take flight

In the sight of wing clippers; a soul ripper’s sole fright

Living proof of a truth never dying in our sleep

Flipping booths hiding spooks ever spying on the sheep

Mining in the deep, leap frogs in thick fog dissecting spoken word memories

Shining lights in the haze of a timeless past synergy

Roller coaster lethargy

Hard hat bounce back

Rolling back a century of rat race heart attacks

Observing the penalties like glass cased artifacts

Unnerving the revelry of masked face talk back

Swerving by the obscenities on fast paced cart tracks

The blades of pulse cutters dulled down from overuse

On a baby too sharp tearing trees by the roots


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