Howdy, Neighbor!

This is Angry Tablecloth, filling in for Disgruntled Dishrag, who is still on vacation.  Having a platform to freely and instantly exchange ideas with one another is as inspiring as it is generally under appreciated.  Today I would like to use this miraculous vehicle to complain about my neighbors.

My neighbor to the right is constantly watching this house.  He knows I’m up to something, but has no clue what it is.  You would think there were patches of dirt conspicuously spread across my yard, the same shapes and sizes of the pets he’s mysteriously lost over the years.  It’s as if retirement was driving him stir crazy, at the same time he was watching The Rear Window with James Stewart.  Thankfully, his call to action is to give strange looks that are supposed to signify normalcy, while communicating his suspicions of me, but are creepy as hell, as if he’s the one with a basement full of dead animals.  Perhaps, I need to understand my neighbor a little better.  Maybe if I understood his situation I would be a little more compassionate.  Maybe I will show him this post.  Maybe I will head over there now, with an apology letter, and the budgie he thought flew away, somehow, last week.  You know what?  I’m going to try that, right now.  I’ll write up that letter, cage up that bird, and complete this when I get back…  Well, that wasn’t the reception I expected.  At least the police were cordial.

All that I know about my neighbors to the left is their physical appearances, and that already feels like too much information for comfort.

Neighbors are as important as it gets.  Zeros and ones, love and fear, everything and nothing, the beginning and end – there is nothing but the relation of two forces existing as a whole, where everything else lies between.  The start and finish are here in this moment, which in the greater perspective is the only moment there is.  We all play a role for one side or the other, at some point, if not in a coma, or else we would not be here interacting with neighboring forces.

Your neighbors can have an influence on you, which influences other neighbors, until neighboring cities, countries, and continents are impacted!  Wow!  Neighboring sensations, emotions, thoughts, and actions sway all of us.  Some try to buy segregation.  Tall fences and multiple acres can add to the sense of separation, but that does not divide one from humanity.  It is a good route to take if living in temporary delusion is the goal.  We are clearly connected, and the only thing dividing us is our perception.

If neighboring forces are having a negative impact then connect to the whole.  That sounds a bit dirty when said out loud, or maybe that’s just my depraved mind.  Still works, either way.  What I mean is, adopt the perspective where there are no divisions – only interactions.  If you need help with that… why haven’t you been keeping up with my stuff?!  More on the matter at a later date.

I’m glad my cells neighbor one another, or else I wouldn’t be here.  You should see what all the neighboring galaxies form.  It’s a real trip.

There was a time when I feared neighbors who could express similar thoughts to mine.  The ability to generate the ideas I share on a past diet of daytime TV, and cartoons was a gimmick, and one I was afraid to lose.  “Hey, everybody!  Check out this guy!  He can write, and he doesn’t read books!”  I discovered these things on my own, and surely I needed to share the ability to possess such an ability, without external contaminants spoiling the process.  That was just an excuse to not overcome the fear.  It was in the light of this admittance that I thought to myself, “Whether the brilliant minds of past and present cause imitation or innovation, intimidation or inspiration is a conscious decision.”

Nothing wrong with being the second person to invent the wheel, when the neighbors do not know of the first.

So be kind to your neighbors, and know you can always ask me for a cup of sugar, or a bit of milk any time of the day.  Just keep your pets away from me.


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