Some Truths About The Truth

This is Angry Tablecloth, and here’s a bit of truth about the truth.

The truth can be scary, whether it is appraised as positive or negative, since it cannot be assessed before it is faced, and because there is no turning from it once met.  Regression to a former state of denial is possible, though it commonly lacks the sturdiness previously established.  Self actualization can be a gradual process, because realizing the truth can be a gradual process, as the fears maintaining security are removed bit by bit through understanding, until it is understood that the fears housing hopes will not collapse, crushing dreams.

The whispers able to shatter the illusions of this reality are often seen as a threat.  We often identify ourselves by the illusions of this world, and so to shatter the illusion is to destroy who we are, as if we will be reduced to nothing.  The whispers casting doubts on who we truly are, are only telling us what we can become.  When who we believe we are comes into question, and who we truly are is not clear, we are placed in a void of mystery, which can be very disconcerting.  Mockery is a common response, serving as a safety mechanism.  Laughter helps drown out the clear voice of reason dwelling in silence, telling tales of foreign realities.

Light is loved and darkness feared, quite often, but it is the light that is feared in actuality, because it shines on the darkness.  Some of us do not know enough to fear the darkness.  Some of us do not know enough to move beyond the fear of darkness.

The issue is not with the facts, but how the facts play in our realities.  Thoughts and emotions are typically fleeting, so when we place the universe within our minds, the universe transforms into a temporary construct, reflecting our thoughts and emotions.  Eternal structures cannot reside in impermanent edifices, of course.

The highest truths are simple enough for a child to understand, yet difficult for an adult to accept.  Not always the case, but it sounds cooler with that level of certainty, and would be even iller, if it weren’t for this stupid sentence.

There is nothing more deceiving than the truth for those who cannot be honest with themselves.  To deny a pervading truth is to invite slavery by deception.  Many do not seek the liberation of truth, until the imprisonment is unbearable.

There are subtle truths about humanity, and the history of the world, that can be found in art, architecture, math, science, archeology, among other avenues.  These truths do not go to the painter, architect, or scientist, but to the boldly observant.  The foolish can stumble onto them as well, although the foolish cannot interpret the signs correctly, even if they recognize the language.

The more I subscribe to the truth, the more difficult it is to manipulate my means for the ends of another.

There is a difference between knowing and understanding the truth, if looked at in a certain way.  It is one thing to know the sky is blue, but in understanding why the sky is blue, because the wavelengths are shorter and are easier to absorb and scatter, gives way to the fact it is an illusion, only appearing to be blue.  This reveals varying degrees of truth.  When something is truly understood it can be broken down in terms of rhythms.  It’s all vibrations!

This is Angry Tablecloth, and that was a bit about the truth.  If you didn’t like it, you are a liar!  Tune in next time when we will learn how to use the truth to trick people.  I think I did a pretty good job with this piece, if you believed in it.  Fine, so that was a lie, but fibbing is fun, kiddies.  The joys of trickery are worth thoroughly knowing and understanding.  Go, now,  and lie to someone about something horrible.  It’s not funny if it’s not something awful.  And that’s the truth!


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