As A Wise Man Once Said

This is Angry Tablecloth, and I want my every word, thought, and action to be wise and nurturing, and while I do not always get what I want, I do get what I need, and sometimes what I need is a smack in the head, for the stupid things I say, think, and do.

On the climb up the mountain of enlightenment there are those who stop when the peak is in view.  They see the goal, and preach about the glory of the top from where they stand to those further below.  This can be perfectly fine if perspective is maintained, and it is to motivate others to push ahead.  Become complacent with this position, preach with certainty, get caught up in the adoration and amazement of others, and it could result in a swift tumble to the bottom.  Fortunately, with humility and perspective, reaching the previously established height can be a smoother journey the second time around.  What is not realized is that from the top the view below is completely different.  For example, objects once seeming insurmountable on the journey to the mountain are now small, and yet the grandeur of those small objects is revealed in the cornucopia of the whole dynamic.

Walk the path, climb the mountain, flip the switch, or drink the wine.  Choose your own adventure.

Every person possesses a wealth of knowledge and insight that others can draw from.  A person of considerable wisdom focuses their waters, so that it forms a deep pool, clean and pure for all those to drink from.  A foolish person’s waters are dispersed a half an inch across a widespread plain, requiring a person of considerable understanding to distill the water from the bullshit muddying that wisdom.

My wisdom is predicated by my ability to express it.

The ground I walk on is testament of my wisdom, and so it will remain, lest I fall through the floor.

If others around me attain my wisdom I will be warmed by fellowship.  If other do not I will be warmed by the fact I serve a unique and crucial purpose.

The highest level of wisdom dictates that a person will always be, by the fact they are here in this moment.

An enlightened person can display the power of their wisdom through the answers they do not have.  The unknown can be seen as a familiar friend serving a crucial purpose.

There are situations when a person can attain enlightenment the day they accept it was attained long ago.

To all my fellow climbers, be mindful of your footing, watch out for falling boulders from fools higher up, and do not stop, until you reach the top.  Until next time.


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