A Bit About My State Of Mind

I’m Angry Tablecloth, and I would like to take you to a place where cars, shoes, and money do not matter, so to return to them with a new sense of appreciation.

The more I think, the more knowledge I attain.  The more I cling to that knowledge, the less I understand.  From this realization I learn to let go of all that is known, and from this experience all the knowledge I have attained takes hold, and from here comes a higher state of consciousness.

A person may learn ten new facts during the course of a week, that may seem inaccessible when trying to recall any one of them a week later.  Yet an impassioned conversation a week after that may open the flood gates, where all of those facts come rushing through, one by one, to support a point being made, resulting from a specific state of mind.  Retaining information can have as much to do with holding onto what is important, as it does letting go of what is not.

A person can memorize a thousand quotes, parables, and poems from a thousand of the wisest men and women to have lived, but they do not compare when advocated through ignorance, to the present minded speech of someone self aware – someone with a elevated state of being.

Everyday the intended purpose of many expressions, lessons, stories, and the like are distorted, and misunderstood, often to suit pre-concieved view points.  In many instances this is a safety mechanism in order to cling to who we believe we are.  New information is filtered through old biases, and stigmas, blocking contrary facts from penetrating the mind, inhibiting growth, but sometimes it only takes one nugget of truth to get through, for such a person to rethink their world.  Sometimes a flawed, or lesser reality is for the best, as it can allow a person to accomplish great things they could not otherwise, although a society anchored in delusion cannot realize its full potential, or greatness in such a condition.

Some of us shrink the world down to fit inside established beliefs, dismissing the parts that do not fit, while some of us learn to broaden our minds in accordance with the ever expanding world around.

Everything stated here has less to do with a person’s cranial capacity than it does with where one’s heart lies, and to know this can be disheartening, at times.

This is not an attack on those who might be considered ignorant.  I am no better or worse than anyone else – only different.  While I may not be any better or worse than another, I can be better than another’s thoughts and actions.  I may only be different from someone who would trip a three legged dog, but I would not do such a thing, because I am better than that.

We struggle under the ignorance of geniuses, for we do not recognize our true brilliance.  The proof of this brilliance can be seen in who we currently are.

Confusion begets clarity.  Accumulation begets charity.  Success begets irrelevance.  Irrelevance begets confusion.  Process this belated prevalence to know an elegant, predated conclusion.


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