A Bit About Words

Words.  Words have meaning.  Not only do words have meaning, but they can mean different things to different people.  (Ah-ha!)  Words do not only mean different things to different people, but often the same word can mean different things to the same person, know what I mean?  The word train can be a choo-choo train, or it can mean to train, as in to train, or it can be defined by a term for an action that is very popular on the internet, and if you do not know what that is, good for you, and don’t look it up.  Words typically have letters; usually more than one.  Words can also be numbers.  A 1 can also be one.  A 10 can also be ten.  And a 69 can also be sixty-nine, which can also be an act that is also popular on the internet.  Words also have sounds.  Sometimes the sounds are the same, but the words are different, like peas versus pees.  Some words are sounds, like, bang, or choo-choo, or the noises that come from the acts on the internet I will not mention.  Some words have effects, like, lightning, or fire.  Some words simply affect.  Some words affect with effects.  This is all of the things words can be, and nothing more… unless something new is discovered, and needs a word to name it.  We’ll just give it a word that is already something else.  It can have plane.  I don’t care if it’s a molecule, or colour, or an insect, because it’s a plain, now.

My word recipes are top secret!  Only one man gonna cook it up like ‘dis.

I drop words into slots, and it’s dot, dot, dot… meaning!

Some individuals have an innate gift for words.  Some individuals can even write about the more eminent elements of life, beyond what money can buy, motivated by a lust for financial gain.  Such individuals cannot conjure more than a few fragments of provocative wisdom, however, without displaying a broader superficiality, (as far as I have noticed) and if the goal of material riches is achieved, the inborn gift inexorably dissipates.  Tragically, these individuals do not realize the folly of their ways, until it is too late, as they drive off in their fancy sports cars, to their palatial mansions, too hopped up on powdered homeless person to care.  The emphasis here is placed on honesty, and not material aspirations.  I would rather cruise in a lemon with reality in the passenger seat.  My talents are more precious than money, but it is not like I am beyond writing a quip or two for a tampon commercial, although I would not endorse one that did not meet my seal of approval, and I have a high standard on feminine hygiene products.

Words can be rendered mute through their very use.  Words can generate emotional states, and states of pure experience, where the words responsible for this have no dominion, and only serve to draw a person away from such states, if held onto.  Words can concoct images, and entire worlds inside our minds, and these worlds do not have narration, beyond the narrative that initially produces them.  For someone who writes, trying to describe heaven is like a painter trying to illustrate an incomprehensible picture of paradise, manufacturing a heavenly state in trying to do so.

Words can pin surreal experiences and hazy thoughts to a dissection table, to be quantified.  This poses an intriguing possibility, where the experience is dissected, manufacturing another surreal experience, which again can be dissected, expanding continuously like a balloon, until it pops, and freedom is found without barriers.  Just a thought, though, now put into words.

Words can pale in comparison when describing an experience to another, but they can also simultaneously solidify that experience in the mind of the storyteller.

Words.  These are all of the reasons I write with words, and not with numbers, or symbols, or animal feces.

Words – because barks, growls, and howls are the alternative.

These might just be words to you, but the words of a few throughout history have affected the actions of many.

Word to yo’ mama!  I’m out!